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Friday, February 24, 2006

Garden Note: Seminole Pumpkin Squash

Our first try at growing Seminole pumpkin squash turned out to be relatively fruitful. We planted a few seeds beside my daughter's swing set in late August. Before we new it the vine was on the move with it's attractive large grayish-green two-tone leaves. Since we didn't have much room I ended up clipping the end of the vine to keep it out of the grass.

Seminole pumpkin squash is native to Florida. The Seminole Indians grew it at the base of palm trees so that the vine would crawl up the trunk and hang on the fronds. We didnt have any pest problems and we harvested 8 squash. Inside their flesh is a deep orange color.

Note: Start seeds in July for earlier harvest. We just beat the cold weather on our harvest.

Seed Source: Southern Exposure Seeds


Watch Me Eat said...

I'm attempting to grow these now. I've NEVER had any success growing any similar vining fruit, even stuff like cucumbers, so I'm not expecting much. Out of the 8 seeds I planted, only one germinated, but within the past few weeks, that one plant has grown tremendously. I've having a good feeling about my pumpkin!

Lynn Spivey said...

I have a quick question.....did you leave these on the vine until they reached that color? Ours were mottled green and yellow when we picked them, but do seem to be getting orange on the kitchen counter. We're in south GA so we have plenty of growing season left to leave them longer!

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