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Monday, September 19, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Since summer I've been, way, too busy running here and there and everywhere! I'm a homebody by nature and love it when I can stay home for several days without having to go anywhere. Sometimes life gets busier than usual, but I'm adapting to a more active schedule than usual and having fun at the same time.

I'm also, slowly and one-garbage-can-at-a-time, trimming back the 'jungle' in my backyard. Quite by accident, I discovered a wasp's nest when a small squadron of angry wasps attacked and inflicted two nasty stings on my arm. Even though pollinators are welcome in my garden and an essential part of it, I much prefer to come across the dainty little Skippers who don't seem to mind if I get a bit too close.

This BIG fella was an unexpected discovery I came across while working in the garden on Saturday. I looked him up and he is a Giant Leopard moth. He was flipped upside down and when I turned him over, I realized he was not in need of rescue but pretty close to death. I discovered him near my angel trumpet which is listed as one of his favorite food sources. He sure is intriguing and quite a specimen! Another new discovery ~ ~ just wish he wasn't in the process of leaving.

After my morning walk today, I was able to plant my tomato seedlings, cucumber seeds and 4 grow boxes with a variety of greens. I've been wanting to do this for the last 2 weeks, and can now mark that off my list. I always seem to procrastinate on doing this ~ ~ could it be the heat, I wonder!

We have a new addition to our family. Take a look at this cute little guy we rescued off a busy street in town at 7 am on the way to school. He was much smaller at the time (May) and was trotting down the sidewalk. We quickly made a u-turn (luckily there's not much traffic out at 7 am), and headed up the sidewalk to retrieve him. He hid from us in a sickly Sago with lots of stiff lower branches, when a guy out jogging stopped and pulled him out for us. 

He had an upper respiratory infection and was scared to death. We named him Henley and he has made himself right at home, as they always do.  Out of 8 cats that I've had in my adult life, he's my first short-hair kitty. He's very sweet and our other 4, with the exception of one (the siamese) have graciously accepted him. Who could resist such a sweet little face!!!!

He entertains us with his high energy which involves running at high speeds around the house or rough housing it with Arthur or Zoe. And, he's absolutely adorable when he's pooped out! 

This crazy little boy is showing off  his pearly whites. He provides a lot of entertainment around our house. We sit around watching his crazy antics and laugh out loud. I'm telling you - it's better than television or politics!  

Enough said about Henley. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to some less humid weather, which I hope is just around the corner. I have quite a few small projects I want to get started on, but don't feel like it when its 80% humidity outside. I know ya'll know what I mean!!!! On the flip side of that, we've been getting our fair share of rain this month and that is always something to be grateful for!!


Anonymous said...

I almost feel like a stalker because I check nearly every day for a new post from you and the other FL bloggers. LOL - it's like a gift when I see one has been posted.

I've been taming my jungle as well and also came across a wasps' nest - the size of a softball! I also learned something and feel bad about it now. We went out at night when all the wasps were settled down and sprayed the nest with wasp killer. I'm thinking we killed 50 plus wasps, at least. The next morning I went to look for the nest and it was gone - and so were all the dead wasps. Turns out critters like opossums, coons, etc., will eat them and their nest. Since we had a really good rain that night, I'm hoping a vast majority of the poison was washed away . . . but still - I'm sure whatever ate it got sick ~ if not worse.

LOVE adorable Henley . . . a lucky little guy to be rescued by your family.

Looking forward to seeing updates on your fall veggie garden . . . or any updates! :-) I really enjoy your blog, Susan.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a treat your post was Susan! I so need to get out into my overgrown jungle, just have not had the energy with the heat and humidity, and the rain we've had lately just makes things be more overgrown. :-) Like you though, I am thankful for the rain.

Henly is adorable!!!

Sorry about your wasp stings.

I look forward to reading about your fall gardens, hopefully we'll be enjoying cooler temps soon.


Susan said...

Hi Eli, I feel the same way you do about posts from the Florida garden blogs I follow. I'm always waiting and looking for a new post, Didnt know that about the critters eating the wasp nests. The nest is still there, so I'll need to cut that leaf off. I did spray two lubbers that were on the leaf, too. Nasty little buggers! We do love our little Henley boy. I can't quit picking him up and smooching on him.

Hi Lorraine, thanks for your sweet compliment. I am so ready for fall. It's just so muggy out there that I'm dripping wet even without the sun. I miss spending time outside and want to get back out there. I know fall is right around the corner - I must have more patience.

Susan said...

Eli, Where is your blog? I can't get to it.

Anonymous said...

Susan - No blog for eli. I haven't blogged in ages (well, more like months) . . . felt like I was just repeating the same ole posts over and over. :-(

Janice said...

Oh my, what a cute kitty! The 'tuckered out' photo of him is just adorable. It sounds like we're all cleaning up our overgrown gardens this time of year - and starting fall veggie gardens. I'm still gardening, but not blogging as much - finding that there's not time to do everything. _Janice

Susan said...

Hi Eli & Janice, I'm missing both of your blog posts VERY much! Like Eli, I check every other day at least to see if someone has posted. I never tire of reading either of your blogs and seeing your fabulous gardens. There aren't many blogs that I really enjoy, but the ones (including both of yours) I read and comment on are my favorites. So, PLEASE keep blogging even if it's only once in a while. There's always something new happening in the garden and even if there isn't, post some pics anyway - please!

Leslie Kimel said...

I can't believe I'm so late commenting on this awesome post! Henley is adorable! I love the picture of him sitting on the windowsill, peeking out from behind the chair. It's obvious he's got tons of personality.

The giant leopard moth is really gorgeous--what a cool discovery--and how neat that the angel trumpet is a food source.

I agree with Eli--your blog is wonderful and every post does feel like a treat. And I agree with you--Eli needs to start blogging again!

Susan said...

Hi Leslie - thanks for your sweet comments. Reading your blog is a treat, as well and I hope you don't stop blogging. Henley definitely has personality and is a sweet little boy. Looking forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...

I love to blog . . . so I'm back ~ boring or not! :-)


Susan said...

Yea!!! So glad you're back!

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