Welcome to my zone 9 garden. My roots are deeply planted in the sandy soil of sub-tropical central Florida, where the summers are long and hot, but the rest of the year is paradise!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Planting Away

Now that the inside of the house is squared away, I've been spending my days outdoors planting away to my heart's delight. And, what a delight it is! With days in the 70's, beautiful blue skies and lots of sunshine ~ ~ it's the perfect time to be outside in the garden.

The plants that spent the summer in pots were really starting to get to me. They were screaming for me to get them in the ground. So, I got busy and moved them to the areas in the backyard where they will probably be planted, and I repotted some plants which I decided to over-winter so they wouldn't freeze. I really missed not being able to plant my vegetable garden, so I did the next best thing and got a few vegetables going in pots. Better late than never!

The pathway through the backyard (which will be finished in bricks) has been established and I started planting around the large oak. A few garden items have found their spots like the bench (mid-way in the photo), the fountain and compost bin (back of the photo). Slowly, but surely, the garden is beginning to fall into place.

The walkway to the back  patio been completed because I got tired of dragging dirt into the house.

More plants are waiting their turn to be planted.

Earlier this summer I purchased 4 Sioux crape myrtle trees, and while they haven't been planted yet, I am in love with the red color their leaves have turned following our recent low temperatures. I'm thoroughly looking forward to seeing them in the back garden next autumn when they are a little bigger.

This American Beautyberry, along with several others were already on the property when I purchased it. I made sure to mark each one, so that the builders would not destroy them. It is loaded with berries and is a real beauty!!!! Yes, that pun was intended!

So, while progress is slow . . . I am enjoying spending my days in the garden finding just the right spot for all my favorite plants. 

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