Welcome to my zone 9 garden. My roots are deeply planted in the sandy soil of sub-tropical central Florida, where the summers are long and hot, but the rest of the year is paradise!

Friday, January 27, 2006

A Sight to Behold!

This barren piece of landscape may not look like much to the ordinary eye, but to the eye of a gardener it is a sight to behold. A blank canvas that holds so many possibilities. A chance to start fresh - to build anew. The mind races with ideas of what to plant. Should it be a mix of varying shades of foliage woven together to create a living tapestry, or a kaleidoscope of brightly colored flowers all jumbled together?????

Half the fun is in the dreaming. The design changes from moment to moment until the frazzled mind needs a rest. Such a small piece of land and so many possibilities. The debate goes on...

1 comment:

Mathias said...

The key is not to try and do too much.

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