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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Garden Note: Drunken Woman Lettuce

This bowl full of Drunken Woman lettuce was planted on March 5th. We began to harvest it about one month later. It makes a tasty addition to romaine lettuce and was very easy to grow. I purchased it from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, mainly because of the unique name. I can't imagine how they came up with such a name, but would be interested to know. It is an organic variety that had an excellent germination rate.


Dirt Ditty said...

Was it sweet? bitter? Would like more info. Dirt Ditty

Simply Susan! said...

It is a soft lettuce that tastes similar to iceberg but without the crunch. But there is a definite taste of bitterness to it as you finish chewing it. Perhaps that's where the name "drunken" comes from.

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