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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Time for Ti!

This is a snapshot of a flowerbed in my neighbor's backyard. He is quite good at using colorful foliage plants for adding color. In fact, he has a minimum amount of flowers. Most of the color comes from this hot pink stand of ti (pronounced like "tea") plants and crotons around his yard. He creates huge displays of one type of plant (such as this one), which definitely makes a statement in the garden. When the late afternoon sun hits these plants, the color is outstanding.


Ki said...

Hmmm, we always spelled it Ti.

Rosengeranium said...

Hm, I never knew the name, but I saw them in swedish allotment gardens when I was a kid. I even think my mother used to grow them. They sure look lovely under the right gardener's hands (and in the eye of the right photografer).

Susan said...

Thanks Ki for the spelling correction.

Floridacracker said...

I was just admiring these at my brother-inlaw's place in New Port Richey last week.

LindaD said...

Thanks - I had some pics of these from Hollis Gardens in Lakeland and wondered what they were. I also love your Mom's 'jungly' corner. It is nice to find another Florida blog... my new one is http://stilldewontheroses.blogspot.com/index.html

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