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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tomato Crop - Summer 2007

This year's tomato crop was a good mix of a different variety of tomatoes. Pictured above (from left to right) are White Tomesol, Dr. Wyches Yellow, another White Tomesol, Black Cherry (also pictured on the vine) a roma tomato (don't remember the name) and red and yellow pear tomatoes. The White Tomesol was a sweet tasty tomato but it was hard to get used to the white color in the salad - it looked kind of blah. Dr. Wyches orange tomato has a mild taste, and the petite pear tomatoes are fun and full of a good squirt of tomato juice. But by far, the winner for the season is the Black Cherry tomato. It is an excellent producer and the taste is out of this world. Many times these little jewels did not make it into the house because I couldn't stop popping them into my mouth. Both the Black Cherry and the pear tomatoes are still producing (albeit slower) in the heat and humidity of August. The other tomatoes (most of them heirlooms) succumbed to disease early on, and produced only a couple of fruits each.


Meems said...

all those tomatoes make a very pretty picture. growing vegetables is not something i have attempted yet but really have an interest in doing it. i would do the same 'popping in the mouth' thing if i was doing the picking.

what happens to your vegetable garden when you move from your house or have you already moved into your new house?

Susan said...

meems...Definitely plant the Black Cherry tomato when you get around to doing vegetables. It is top of the line. I don't really have much of a vegetable garden because of heavy tree cover. I stick a tomato bush between other plants wherever I can find a sunny location, and in pots on the driveway. This year I even ventured into the front yard. Eventually, I plan to have a "real" vegetable garden at the new house where I have more space and more sun.

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