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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Let it Rain!

The sun was shining when all of a sudden a passing cloud burst and showered us with much needed rain. I quickly grabbed my camera to see if I could photograph the rain. Rain is one of those elements that is very difficult to photograph. It just doesn't stand still! But my little Sony did a pretty good job as the sun lit up the background. I love the way the old oak is illuminated and serves as a background to capture the torrent of rain drops that fell on us this day.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Rain in Summer sums up my thoughts on the rain perfectly - How beautiful is the rain! After the dust and the heat, In the broad and fiery street, In the narrow lane, How beautiful is the rain!


Christy said...

Beautiful, indeed! That's exactly how I feel about the rain! As a matter of fact, that's the chief reason we opened up our front porch - so I could run outside and sit in a comfy chair at the first low rumble of thumder.

Susan said...

Christy... Thanks for stopping by. Everyone should have a porch where they can sit a spell and watch nature in action!

Christy said...

Hey Susan! I got your "comment" earlier. I have an idea for an apple-bobbing game of sorts. Of course, we don't want all their little faces in water, but we could use plastic apples (or real ones, I guess), and treat it like that rubber duck carnival game. You know, where you pick it up out of the water, and get a prize based on the colored dot underneath it? I have a galvanized trough (a small one) that we could use if you like that. I'll check on whether I can come to the class party....I'll let you know. I'd love to!

Christy said...

Oh - and....I don't know where to send you my email.... could you post another "comment" to me with your email? I have comment moderation turned on, so it won't show on my blog.

Connie said...

Beautiful photo! You did a good job capturing the rain.

Susan said...

Connie...Thanks. I was thrilled that it turned out so well.

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