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Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Burst of Autumn Color

Fall color isn't always easy to come by in Florida. The signs of fall are there (in subtle ways) but you have to really look for them. Aside from our Golden raintrees, you can occassionally find a maple tree that is more colorful than usual but the leaf color is indeed minimal. Fortunately, we can count on flowers to add plenty of color to our fall gardens.

As I was taking a walk the other day I happened upon this bright yellow display of chrysanthemums in my neighbor's yard. I hadn't even noticed that these mums were growing there until they burst into bloom. I thought that he had placed these in the perfect location (center of his front yard), right next to the vibrant pink Ti plants. Now, everytime I drive or walk by, I enjoy glancing at this colorful patch of fall mums.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Very pretty.

nancybond said...

They really are a lovely splash of fall color.

tina said...

The red and yellow is a stunning picture. How can you miss it now!?

Susan said...

Lisa, Nancy & Tina...you guys are quick commenters. I agree they are pretty, lovely and stunning :-)

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