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Monday, February 22, 2010

February's Orchids

Each month I like to photograph the orchids that are blooming. I do this for two reasons...to keep track of how long they bloom...and in what month. The following 4 started blooming last month, and are still in bloom despite having spent much of the month inside due to nighttime temps below 50 degrees. The orchids and the flowers don't fare too well indoors...dry air....and less watering. They definitely miss being sprayed down by the garden hose 3 to 4 times a week.

The cattleyas (top two) amaze me...their flowers generally don't last very long.

This phaleonopsis opened its buds the first week of February. I eagerly awaited the slow unveiling...that's one nice thing about having them indoors... of its contents because I knew it contained a surprise inside. And, I wasn't dissapointed when I saw its purple speckled face.

Here's a close up look at all those wonderful deep purple speckles...or perhaps in the orchid world they're called...freckles.

And, here's a new addition to the family. I stopped by Lowe's in search of a River birch tree, and...of course... I had to go over to the orchid table to see what's new. I'm sure you know what I mean...for some reason that table keeps calling my name. Even though there's the usual plants there...lavender, white...you know...the basics, I still HAVE to go and check it out. I'm always hoping there's an unusual one there.

As I did a quick scan with my eyes...there were lots of them...right before Valentine's day....this petite soft-colored phaleonopsis kept catching my eye. Ahh, I don't really need another orchid....but this one is just so delicate and petite...I don't have one this small. Of course, in the cart it went. :-)

Really...I mean it...who could resist this sweet little face, especially so close to Valentine's Day!


The Rainforest Gardener said...

lots of great orchids! My favorite are epidendrums, cattleyas and encyclias. I have an encyclia hybrid that has been blooming since august, and is just now finishing!

Dani said...

You are so good with orchids Susan! They're all gorgeous.

Floridagirl said...

Love your orchids! These are plants we can never have too many of!

NanaK said...

All those orchids are beautiful but I think that soft pink is especially so. I can see why you had to bring it home.

Hildegard said...

I know what you mean Susan.

sanddune said...

I like the purple freckled one. It looks like a Chien Xen Pearl Phalaenopsis that I have that has been in bloom since before Thanksgiving. Quite exquisite!

Ami said...

Your orchids are so lovely. I am drooling over my keyboard when watching your pictures! I love orchids, but also kind of scared because I have killed two of them in the past. Still learning... I have about 7 orchids now, two of them having flower spikes, can not wait!

Meems said...

I'm always amazed at your orchid collection and so happy for you these pretties have made it through this especially hard winter. You have a true touch for them and a good eye for a perfect addition.

Very pretty freckled face on the deep purple and your new pastel will bring you joy for many years I'm certain.

ChrisC said...

That last one is gorgeous! I would've brought it home,too.

Orlando Realtor said...

I love my Orchids also, so understand what you are saying. I just got my first Vanda last week-end at the farmers market here local in Lake Mary. It has a double bud spike...the color will be a surprise when it opens. It will be like the olden days when woman did not know the sex of the baby until it was born. I remember the "best test" was dangling a needle and thread over the belly to determine the babies sex. I am really dating myself here!

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