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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

It's June ALREADY!

I can hardly believe June is here already! The year is humming right along...so much so that I forgot to log my blooming orchids for May.

Three phals from April are still gracing us with their presence. That's the great thing about phals...when they bloom, it's for several months at a time. They provide a lot of bang for my buck!

With unopened buds on a couple of them, it looks likes they'll keep us in blooms for awhile.

Two pretty purple phals have joined the party. I love this speckled...wildly exotic-looking beauty. This phal is a good-sized plant and is sporting many spikes with lots of buds. Nothing makes me happier than to see an orchid pump out lots of gorgeous blossoms.

Here's a close-up of this very pretty orchid flower.

Here's another heavy producer with soft, cool-toned shades of white and purple. I'm always amazed at the variety of orchid blooms available. It's no wonder that people become addicted to such loveliness. Trying to select just one or two is absolutely impossible.

Here's a close-up, so you can enjoy the stripes and softly-smudged purple edges of each petal.

It's always a joy when our vandas (we only have two) come into bloom. And, lucky for us the two we have are prolific bloomers. This plant is truly amazing...growing in a pot with NO dirt, bark or any type of growth medium. It just sits in the pot with its roots completely exposed. What a beauty it is!

And, last but not least our dancing lady has burst into blooms. Talk about a show-off...Wow...that's exactly what she does with 7 stalks, each producing around 116 small yellow and brown flowers. Yes, you read that right...116 flowers on each of the 7 stems. Uh, let's see, that's around 800...give or take a few...flowers on one plant. If I was to suggest one orchid that's easy to grow, blooms several times a year and is very showy...this would be the one.   

That's it for May. Now we'll see what beauties await us in June. 


NanaK said...

All I can say is - Wow! I really love that arching spike of phal blooms. My poor neglected few are starting to put out some new leaves now that I fixed up some little fert packets like you showed in one of your posts :) Maybe they will make it and bloom for me again some day.

Nicole said...

Wow you have a profusion of lovely orchid blooms! My current island is way too dry to keep those happy without a lot of attention.

Rusty in Miami said...

And another WOW from me too, you are the orchid whisper. I don’t have the touch.

ChrisC said...

I lust after your orchids!!!!I have some in bloom,but nowhere what you have.Kudos!!!

sanddune said...

Your Phals are outstanding I like the purple one. Believe it or not I still have two Phals blooming since last Thanksgiving. Still waiting on a couple of Vanda's but after seeing yours I have renewed hope!

Meems said...

What beauties! Long-lasting blooms are definitely a great trait of orchids. Not that I would know that from my own garden. But I have noticed it in other gardens. :-) Orchids are on my list to add to the garden ~ I think I'm too cheap to pay for them. I saw Chris get very excited about them when she and I took a trip to Colorfield farms. My neighbor once gave me one of those dancing ladies and I let it die years ago. Shame on me. It is a real charmer. I'm going to try again. Really I am.

Thanks for the pretty show... your garden must feel like it has jewels all over it with those pretty flowers scattered about.

Ami said...

You have so many beautiful orchids in blooming! Love them all! Especially the speckled ones... 116 flowers on the dancing lady is very impressive! I will see if I can include it into my garden :) See, I knew i will be in trouble when I opened your post! LOL

Kimberly said...

Susan, I'm so impressed with your orchids! Very pretty! Mine are still in bloom also. I just saw a dancing lady today for the first time in a garden. I wasn't aware that they grow in the ground. It looks like your is planted in the ground as well. Is this correct? Where do you purchase this lovely "must have"?!?!

ChrisC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ChrisC said...

ooops-I didn't mean to do that.What I meant to say was the more I read your post,the more envious I am.You really have the touch!

Susan said...

Thanks everyone for the "wows." My orchids and I appreciate all your kind words.

Kimberly...My dancing lady (oncidium) is in a wire pot with a fiber liner. I've never heard of this particular orchid growing in the ground. I just looked it up and it said you should grow in orchid bark or attached to a tree. I can't grow it attached to a tree here because of cold weather...further south they can. The orchids you can grow in the ground are Epidendrums. They also grow in full sun and come in colors of red, pink, orange, and purple that I know of. They bloom for about 9 months out of the year. I got this particular orchid from my mother. Hers got too large and she split it. I'm not sure where she got it from. I would think you could find it in HD or Lowes at some point during the year. Good luck finding one.

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