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Thursday, July 01, 2010

4th of July

 In honor of our nation's 234th birthday this coming weekend, I'm posting a photo of the 4th of July rose. This 1999 All-America Selection climbing rose sports stripes of varying shades of red...however, there are no blue stars.

Hope your 4th includes a fun family picnic...no thunderstorms, please (at least for one day)...and lots of dazzling fireworks.

Please keep our brave soldiers in your thoughts & prayers.
Have a GREAT 4th!


FlowerLady said...

What a lovely rose and wonderful vignette.

You have a lovely 4th of July also.


ChrisC said...

I love that rose! I must get one for YardBou's rose garden.he will love it,too.
And your table styling is fantastic.
Happy 4th to you!

ChrisC said...

I meant YardBoy.....

NanaK said...

Beautiful rose! Hmm...I'm running out of room in my small sunny, well-draining area but maybe a climber on the the back fence....

Your artfully arranged snack table is tempting. Those are portion controlled chips right?

Floridagirl said...

That is a perfect rose for the occasion! There you go tempting us again....

Rusty in Miami said...

Happy 4th of July Susan

Meems said...

Oh, I didn't even know there was such a rose. So glad it bloomed for you right on time for the celebration.

I'm enjoying your festive arrangement of red, white, and blue. Again, I wish I was there to chit-chat on your porch with you.

Have a wonderful day. We are getting steady rain but can't complain.

Susan said...

Flowerlady...She really is a beauty. Hope you had an enjoyable 4th despite the rain.

Chris...Thanks and good luck finding one for Yardboy. This rose is very carefree...no blackspot or other problems. I cut it back in spring a little and she takes care of herself the rest of the year.

Kay...It seems like we can all find room for "one more" plant. She'd look great on your fence. I actually have her planted on the corner of a bed with no support and she arches gracefully without falling over.

Floridagirl...It is a good choice for the 4th. I hate to be causing so much temptation...especially for chips and rootbeer...all the healthy stuff you know, but it's fun creating a tray of goodies. I've been visiting too many tablescape blogs. :-)

Rusty...Hope you had an enjoyable 4th, too. Right now I'm stuffed from too much good food.

Meems...We are getting lots of rain, too and the yard (and everything else) looks sooooo green. You just can't beat all that great nitrogen from the rain. I won't complain though...I'd much rather it rain. Hope you enjoyed a 4th with the family.

Rhonda said...

What a lovely July 4th setting. Isn't it special to be able to add something from the garden to enhance the occasion.

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