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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love is in the Air!

Valentine's Day is almost here, and love is definitely in the air around our house.

An afternoon walk on a gray, overcast day was all the proof we needed...as we watched our neighbors preparing for the big day.

 :-)   :-)   :-)   :-)   :-)

~~ Let's dance~~


FlowerLady said...

Dear Susan ~ What a cute video of 'love' being in the air, and the other pictures as well. Spring time is near, and Valentine's Day is here.

Have a lovely Valentine's Day with your DH.


NanaK said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you Susan!
What a wonderful picture of those blue herons. (I was wondering about you watching your neighbors.)

Floridagirl said...

Oh, my, those bird shots are amazing! How wonderful to see a pair of great blue herons nesting! Yes, quite perfect for a Valentine's post.

Love your Valentine treat. Makes me want to run up town for strawberries.

ChrisC said...

Great photos! Our resident ospreys have started nesting too.

Susan said...

Hi Flowerlady...Thank you for the Valentine's wish, and I wish you the same with your DH. Now I know what "DH" stands for! :-)

Hi Kay...I did sound a little like a peeping Tom at first :-), but the neighbors in my post are much more interesting to watch. You have a great Valentine's day, too!

Hi FloridaGirl...It definitely is a treat to have them nesting next door. They were fun to watch last year, and we're looking forward to seeing the first little heads popping up above the humongous nest. Have a sweet day!

Chris...They returned the first of February and got busy restoring their nest and chattering away. They are so much fun to have around.

Meems said...

My granddaughter fixed chocolate covered strawberries for us for Valentine's Day... mmm mmm good. Love your photos of the loving neighbors. :-) It is that time of year!
Happy Valentine's Day to you.

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