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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Worth the Wait

Back in February I did a post entitled Anticipation on a handful of buds that were taking their sweet time to open. Thankfully, all the buds eventually opened much to my delight.

This red kalanchoe is a succulent from my late aunt's garden.
Planted in the ground...it survived the winter with very little damage.

My mom shared one of the offspring from her clivia...a member of the amaryllis family...with me.
It's the first time it's bloomed, and it's a real beauty.

The green onions allium planted in the veggie patch burst into bloom this spring.
 I like these unusual blooms so much that I'm planting seeds throughout my sunny garden beds.

Another passalong plant from my mom...this Nun's orchid is a stunning bloomer with it's large flower stalks.

And, lastly, Belinda's Dream has gorgeous, ruffly blooms that grow larger as they continue to open.

Was the wait worth it? You bet!

Gardening is definitely a lesson in patience!


FlowerLady said...

Part of the joy of gardening is the anticipation. Your beautiful blooms were definitely worth the wait.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

Ami said...

Ooh, they are definitely worth the wait! Wow, love that clivia! Got to find one for myself :) I also love green onion allium. Do you know you can grow green onion from store-bought green onion. Just cut the two inches about the roots, and stuck the roots in the ground. I use lots of green onion for Chinese cooking, and plant the roots in the containers :)

Love that Belinda's Dream flower, so big and rich. Yes, Gardening is definitely a lesson in patience! I do find myself grow lot more of patience than before :)

What kind of location did you put your Nun's orchid in? Mine is in a partial shade area, and only saw one spikes since I got it. Maybe should move it into a more sunny area.

Susan said...

Hi Flowerlady...You are oh so right!

Hi Ami...I didn't know that about store bought onions. Forget the seeds....from now on I'm planting the ones from Publix. The nun's orchid is mostly in shade. I would guess it gets a couple of hours of filtered sunlight everyday. Good luck with yours.

NanaK said...

All those buds to blooms were so worth the wait. I really like your picture in picture technique. Belinda's Dream is a wonderful rose is she not? I'm impressed with how ornamental the onion blossoms are.

Sandra said...

Wow, your flowers look wonderful ! I really loved your pictures.

ChrisC said...

I lust over the Belinda's Dream and the Nun's orchid.and the Alium.All of 'em.

SiestaSister said...

I love that clivia! Beautiful!!

My Nun's orchid is blooming like crazy this year. It is in a part shade location. At the end of summer last year I divided them. The originals are blooming much better than in previous years. Hopefully in a few years the newer ones will bloom.

Susan said...

Hi Kay...Yes, Belinda's Dream is a wonderful rose. I'm impressed with the way it changes from a bud to a completely open rose. I would have never thought the bud would become such a large, ruffly flower.

Hey Sandra...Welcome! Glad you like my pretty flowers.

Hi Chris...I'm with you. I like em all, too.

Hey Siesta Sister...Wonder if the nun's orchid blooms better when it's a little older. Mine is blooming about the same as last year, but I need to repot it as it's growing quite large.

Floridagirl said...

Okay, I need to pick your brain about that Clivia. I planted one last fall and fretted all winter, carefully covering it on cold nights. Did I need to do that? Is it cold hardy here? Your blooms are gorgeous, by the way! I first fell in love with Clivia on a trip to San Diego, where they are planted en masse in beds all over the place. So glad to finally have one of my own!

Also....Pickin' your brain one more time...Is your Nun's Orchid cold-hardy? I finally got one and, although I did put it in a semi-sheltered spot, I will probably worry like crazy come next winter.

Susan said...

Hi FloridaGirl...My mom says that she believes the clivia is cold-hardy since it's in the amaryllis family. As for the Nun's orchid...mine is in a pot but it needs to be separated and repotted, so I'm going to plant a small portion of it in the ground to test it out. My neighbor has a large one and a smaller variety planted in the ground in her yard in several spots and they made it. She did cover them, so I'm not sure they would have made it without some help. Guess you're gonna have to test it out

Meems said...

Waiting sometimes is the most fun... knowing what's coming and then there it is in all it's beauty. Your blooms are all very fun. My allium isn't blooming yet but mine is garlic chives... I think they bloom later in spring. I always love seeing kalanchoe blooming and the color of yours must be firing up your garden. Of course that Belinda's Dream is always lovely to see. I can tell your garden is making you smile this spring and what could be better!

Rusty in Miami said...

My kalanchoe are done for the year but they are definitely worth the wait

SiestaSister said...

FloridaGirl....My Nun's orchids are at the edge of the oak tree's protection and they made it through the last 2 winters. The only ones away from the oaks are 2 small transplants which, of course, have not bloomed.

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