Welcome to my zone 9 garden. My roots are deeply planted in the sandy soil of sub-tropical central Florida, where the summers are long and hot, but the rest of the year is paradise!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

In Transition

In the heat and humidity of August it seems like autumn is only a distant thought, but when I look around the garden I notice the transition from summer to autumn is already beginning. 

Almost overnight the berries on the American Beautyberry are ripening, and I noticed the leaves on the Sweetgum trees are also beginning to take on a yellow-cast.

Transitions in life are not always easy, but I look forward to and welcome the slow change from summer to autumn in the garden (and in my own life, as well, as the years creep by).

 It reminds me to savor the days of summer ~ ~ bright & sunny days, a good thunderstorm, beaches, bare feet, swimming, ice cream, bar-BQ's, tree swings in the shade and lots of iced-tea.  


Dani said...

Come on Autumn!

Rohrerbot said...

It certainly has been hot and humid this summer. You've gotten me hungry for berries now. :)

Floridagirl said...

Good reminder to savor the days of summer. This one is indeed passing too quickly. I need to take my camera up to Six Acres and see if the beautyberries have turned. It is that time of year. I'll have to admit I stretch out that iced tea-BBQ-shady swing-thing a long time past summer. So glad to be living in Florida!

Susan said...

Dani...I'm with you on that one!

Rohrerbot...Yes, most folks around the country have had a hot summer.

FloridaGirl...I would love to see some pics from Six Acres. And, yes I agree with you on living in Florida.

sherryocala said...

Susan, I agree this year is flying, but please! Summer's only half over. I'll talk about fall in September but not yet. Time didn't used to pass by so quickly!

NanaK said...

Wow, my beautyberry is only just starting to put out flowers. But, the red firespike is blooming and that is a sure sign of fall. The pinecones on the pinecone ginger are starting to turn red too. I always look forward to cooler weather but I think we're going to have to wait awhile for that.

Susan said...

Hey Sherry...Yea, I know we won't be feeling it for awhile unfortunately. Time definitely does pass too quickly.

Kay...How strange gardening can be in the same state. My firespikes aren't blooming yet and we're not that far apart. Hmmm!

ChrisC said...

My Beautyberr is too young to put out berries,but I'm looking forward to next year.And I'm with the rest on "Come on Autumn."
But was it that long ago we were freezing and covering plants?

daisy said...

Glad you are able to savor every season. It passes all too quickly!

FlowerLady said...

That beautyberry is so pretty. I'm afraid we're not seeing anything even remotely looking like fall down here.

This has to be the worst summer for so many of us. I've almost lost my drive for doing anything.

I did get your pkg. wrote an email but haven't been able to send it as our phone went out, so no internet connection either. I'll email it when we're connected again.

Enjoy your week ~ FlowerLady

Nanette O'Hara said...

I've been noticing the subtle, but welcome, changes in my yard too. The ripening beautyberries are one of my favorites. Also waiting for my muhly grass and narrow-leaved sunflowers to bloom...

Susan said...

Hey Chris...the beautyberry is really a stunning plant in the garden with those deep purple pearls.

Daisy...Indeed it does!

Hi Flowerlady...Glad you got the package of seeds.

Nanette...the muhly grass is a real beauty. Can't say that I'm familiar with the narrow-leaf sunflowers. I'll have to stay tuned to catch a glimpse of them in your garden.

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