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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

North Florida Wildflowers

On a recent road trip through north Florida I thoroughly enjoyed the abundance of spring wildflowers. It's so nice to have something to look at on a long drive.

I'm always amazed at how different north Florida is from the central portion where I live. It definitely looks more like Georgia and Alabama...not tropical in nature at all.

This natural woodland scene was sporting lots of rain lilies after a previous day's rainshowers. They seemed to have naturalized and were popping up among the ferns.

The park ranger at the Florida Caverns was kind enough to give me the names of the wildflowers in bloom. Here is an  Atamasco Lily a/k/a rain lily, Zephry lily or wild easter lily. I've never heard it referred to as a 'wild easter lily' before.

Purple phlox

Southern Dewberry 

I was lucky to see one of the last of the Trilliums  also known as purple toadshade or sweet betsy.

 Carolina Silver Bells 

 It's tough to get a Florida Dogwood to grow here but in the northern region they appear to be growing wild in the woodlands that run alongside the interstate.

The native Red Buckeyes are another tree that is plentiful. It took a complete year for a seed that I planted from my sister's tree to sprout. Talk about patience. I was so close to giving up when 'lo and behold I noticed a green sprout. So, if you grow this tree from seed you'll need to be extra patient.

Here's a close up of the beautiful flowers.

Yellowtop Butterweed (aster family)

And this unusual red flower for which I don't have a name...was growing in thick patches alongside and in medians all along Interstate 10. It was a beautiful sight!

Aside from a great trip it was especially nice to enjoy a second wave of spring wildflowers just a bit north of home.


NanaK said...

Thanks for the nice walk through the north Florida woods. It's always interesting to see plants and trees that are not so prevalent around my own area. Love the dogwood blooms.

Sandy said...

Hi Susan,,, such lovely flowers are
blooming all over Florida. My back
yard is in full bloom right now. The
trees especially. My Gardenia bush
is very large and has over 100
buds ready to burst.
Very nice shots.
Happy Spring

Susan said...

Hi Kay...It definitely is fun and I enjoyed seeing the natural woodlands in spring...very pretty!

Hi Sandy...Your gardenia is way ahead of mine...or at least I think so. I better run outside and check. You're garden is going to smell wonderful.

lodi nacirema said...

Did you ever learn what the red flower is that you see in medians? I see it in s.w. Georgia and I can't find info!

Susan said...

No, I never did find out the name of the red wildflower.

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