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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Endings & Beginnings

You put your heart and soul into a garden year afer year...changing it, tweaking it, maintaining it and enjoying it and in return it rewards you with immeasurable pleasure. So, it's not an easy thing to leave a garden behind when the time comes, but the time did come for us and a month ago I bid farewell to my garden of 11 years.

It wasn't an unexpected good-bye, but nonetheless it's never easy to leave it all behind...not knowing how the new owners will change it and which plants will be removed. If I could I would have taken them all with me...or at least more of my favorites. But I did, indeed move several truck loads of potted plants which I'm now in the process of planting them one by one in the new garden. 

And, even though the new garden isn't really "brand new"(as you can see by the photos below)...it's been a work in progress for the past 5 years...it's still in its infancy. It's showing signs of maturing and it's offering me  lots of opportunities for growth. So, even though it's sad to say farewell to my old garden...which I do miss... I am happy to finally be "home" and look forward to tinkering in my new garden for many years ahead. 


africanaussie said...

Leaving behind the results of 11 years of work must have been hard, but I can already see your touch on the new garden.

FlowerLady said...

Dear Susan ~ I have been thinking about you and wondering how things were going with the move. It was great to read your post, but I can feel your sadness of leaving the lovely garden you left behind. Your younger garden looks lovely though and before long it will be even more beautiful. Enjoy the process, and settling into this next phase of your life.

Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

Missy said...

I can't wait to see the progress as you make the new garden your own. Your old garden was beautiful. I'm sure this one will be too..and is that a glimpse of the ocean I see in one of the photos? If so, I'm very jealous.

Charlotte said...

I agree it's very hard to leave 11 years of work and love one puts into their garden. However, just think of everything you've learned. With that knowledge this garden will be that much more beautiful.

Susan said...

Hi Africanaussie...The fun part about the new garden is that I got to create it from a blank slate, and it's fun to create the images floating around in one's head.

Hey Flowerlady...I am definitely enjoying the process and am finally getting boxes unpacked.

Hey Missy...That's not the ocean in the background, It's a rather big lake that seems like the ocean at times...especially on windy days.

Hi Charlotte...Yes, it is a chance to correct the errors of the past.

daisy said...

I trust that the new owners will take good care of your garden.

Looking forward to seeing more of your new digs! Enjoy discovering your new garden.

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