Welcome to my zone 9 garden. My roots are deeply planted in the sandy soil of sub-tropical central Florida, where the summers are long and hot, but the rest of the year is paradise!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Summer is Waning

 Now that summer is waning and I'm starting to venture back out into the garden, the result of many months of a tropical summer is staring me smack in the face. Like this chocolate cherry allamanda that is in definite competition with the elm tree.

 She's intent on using the tree branches for support as she extends her long branches high into the tree. Oh, but what gorgeous flowers all summer long. 

She's right outside the screened enclosure, so I can enjoy her blooms and super-sized buds all summer long while staying cool in the pool.

And, while we're on the topic of the pool . . . the poolside plantings are growing nicely in their 2nd year. They're all starting to meld together nicely and create that tangled jungle look.
Who in their right mind would leave the comfort of cool water in July and August to venture out in the heat to trim?

All of my tropical foliage LOVED the plentiful rain we had this summer, and I am very grateful for it, too!

Yes, there is some trimming that needs to be done all throughout the garden. But there's nothing like a large blooming hibiscus keeping company with a palm tree. They definitely scream "Florida!" It makes me want to plant more of them again, especially since those nasty old cold winters are now a distant memory. You know what I mean?

I did venture out in August long enough to give my roses a mini-trim so that I could enjoy some autumn blooms.

 And, now that I'm back in the garden tidying up, I'm reminded to cut some blossoms like this hydrangea and rose to enjoy inside. 

And, I'm even finding a little time to decorate for fall . . . or should I say I'm encouraging fall to arrive. My apologies for the fake autumn leaves, but after all, I do live in Florida . . . as the Spanish moss will attest to!

A long happy gardening season is soon to arrive . . . ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

The pool side plantings have really flourished. I love the tropical look - which was a little easier to obtain this year with all that wonderful summer rain.

I spent the weekend doing some fall decorating too and was perspiring the entire time. Unfortunately I do not have a beautiful pool to cool off in . . . so it's the garden hose and a glass of wine when all is said and done. No, seriously. :-)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, what a lush tropical poolside paradise. Very pretty!

It is so hot and humid down here still. Had a couple of hints of fall, but that's all.

Enjoy all of that beauty surrounding you.


ChrisC said...

yep-I'm over this past summer's heat and all the rain of the past few days.My pool has been a blessing this past summer.But bring on the cooler weather of Autumn!

africanaussie said...

Oh I have that same plant, except I thought it was a mandevilla (I think they are all the same family) Mine has climbed all over the back fence and up the neighbouring tree - I think aiming for world dominiation, but I dont mind as it never stops flowering. I love the name chocolate cherry!

Susan said...

Hi Eli...Hey a garden hose works wonders as well. I've been known to set up a sprinkler and walk through it every once in awhile when working outside.

Hi Lorraine...It's still a bit too humid up this way, but finally we have gotten some rain the past few days and everything has perked up especially the young vegetable plants.

Hi Chris....Yep, I'm ready for autumn, too. I'm eager to get back outside.

Hi African Aussie...I, too, love the name chocolate cherry and tell everyone who tours my garden. The name is just so . . . yummy!

Dawn said...

Your pool area is just lovely. Somehow I thought the choc. cherry allamanda was 'Sky Vine.'

The carpenter bees are very protective of said vine and an alpha female will stake out her 'territory' and chase off any interloper intent on moving in.

Summer is reluctant to release its grip here in Zone 10 - - It's not letting up on the heat and humidity - and the rain!!! I cannot remember any recent years when it rained every day...but that's a good thing...I think.

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