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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Which One is King of the Yard!

I just happened to glance out the front window the other day and discovered this gorgeous Red-shouldered Hawk sitting on the front lamppost. I quickly grabbed my camera and started shooting from inside because I didn't want to scare him away.

He's breathtaking ~ ~ don't  you think?
 What a perfect match. I wonder if he opted to sit there because he blends in so well. He definitely dresses up my aged-looking lamppost, making it look like I have a fancy ornament at the top. I love it!

As I stood there admiring the beauty of this bird, I noticed that 18 feet away there was another bird emulating the hawk. This Mockingbird ~ ~ which long ago claimed stake to the top of this feeder ~ ~ was not to be outdone by the regal hawk. He normally is king of the yard, and obviously is not giving up the title easily. He, too, blends in very well with the feeder.

I'm enjoying the wildlife from within my home this chilly January, and getting itchy to get my hands back in the dirt. How about you?


Sheri - Creative Spaces of S. Fla. said...

WOW how cool is that to see a hawk that close!?! What a beautiful yard you have! Our mockingbirds have definitely staked some claim in parts of our yard too, lol. Hope you are enjoying the cool weather!

Best wishes,

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

My husband and I have seen mockingbirds chase hawks and other larger birds out of their territory. It's really comical.

That hawk certainly makes a nice finial for your lamp.

It is gray, damp and just a little chilly down here. We had rain yesterday and quite a bit this morning.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Anonymous said...

What's breathtaking is that view from your front yard. Oh my goodness Susan - I mean really!

OK, the birds are pretty too. :-) Great photos.

Jean Campbell said...

What Lorraine said -- me too about hawks chased by mockers.

I already have my hands in the dirt, planting out hyacinths that were potted for winter bloom so we'll see them bloom next year, which last year's specimens are doing now.

Leslie said...

I have a little hawk-shaped finial on the lamp in my office--but a real hawk is much better!

I hope you are doing well. I started a new job in December and am just now settling in enough to get back to my favorite blogs again.

Lynda said...

Great photos!! I love all the birds we've experienced since moving to Florida. I'm like you, I grab my camera and try my best to capture these amazing creatures. You got some good ones here : )

Kislay Panday said...

Really incredible Pictures...

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