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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Taking a Dip

One of my goals for 'ma petit' garden space is to fill it full of plants that provide a variety of nectar,  berries and seeds for butterflies and birds. I'm blessed with quite a few American beautyberry plants that were already on the property, and many of my favorites - salvias, daylilies, agapanthus, bronze fennel, parsley, roses, pentas, sparkleberries, Simpson stoppers, wax myrtles and several others are still in pots waiting to be planted.

I have lots of these little rascals racing across the top of the fence line, but I really miss the birds and butterflies.

I guess for now I must be content to see and hear the birds in my neighbors' yards which are full of trees. So you can imagine my delight when I looked up from the kitchen sink and saw a Mockingbird taking a dip in my fountain that was full of rain water. There sat the fountain, surrounded only by bare ground and weeds - no seed or berry laden plants. Repeatedly, he jumped in and out of the water, and fluttered all about.

This one simple element in the garden was enough to attract this feathered-friend, who for a few moments enjoyed a blissful dip in the fountain in my garden. It was enough to bring a smile to my face, knowing that soon I'll be watching more birds drop by for a sip and a dip, and a snack on a few berries or seeds. Needless to say, I rooted through my stash of garden items in search of a couple of feeders. So, now I have hung a bird feeder and a hummingbird nectar feeder in my backyard in hopes of attracting more birds into my cozy backyard.

It gives a gardener hope that a barren piece of land can be slowly transformed into a wildlife habitat one element at a time. 


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

It does take time to draw critters to a new garden, but this little birdie is going to tell all his birdie friends, and soon you'll have lots of visitors.

Have a love, peace and joy filled Christmas ~ FlowerLady

Anonymous said...

I really think it's the results of attracting wildlife to my garden that has kept my passion for gardening alive. The whole "plant it and they will come" is absolutely true. Even after all these years, just the sighting of one bird can make me happy ~ today is was a mockingbird eating beautyberries in the back yard. :-)

Keep sharing . . . I'm eager to watch your garden grow.

Susan said...

Hi Flowerlady...I sure hope he does spread the word.

Hi Eli...I totally agree with you!

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