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Sunday, July 19, 2015

It's the Great Pumpkin(s), Charlie Brown!

Not to long ago I posted about the serendipitous pumpkin vine that launched itself all over my tiny backyard. When I recently returned from vacation, I noticed the extra large leaves floating on top of the fence had died, and the fence was no longer holding up the BIG pumpkin.  Fortunately, the BIG GUY hit the ground gracefully without splitting open. 

A few days later I carried it (at least 20 lbs.) and the other 3 over to this bench for a photographic memory. I couldn't let this opportunity slip by as I certainly would not have had this much success had I planned this whole "veggie tale" event out. We had a total of 5 pumpkins - I left the one on the other side of the fence for the two sisters who live behind me. They were excited a few months back when they discovered a pumpkin growing on their side of the fence. I totally believe in "sharing the joy!" 

Now, I seriously want to display these beauties (yes, I'm proud - even though I can't really take any credit for them) in the front yard, but GOOD GRIEF it's the middle of summer!

Do you think if I put them inside my dark and cool closet that they'll last until autumn?  It's only 73 days away.


janiceflorida said...

Wow! Your pumpkins are great, I've never even grown ONE. I remember the post about your volunteer vine, was wondering what came of that. I totally get what you mean about displaying pumpkins in July (LOL). I would be so proud, I'd want to display them too.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

WOW, how cool is that! Your very own pumpkins here in FL.

I did a little Google searching and I don't know if your pumpkins will last that many days or not.

This was from the Orlando Sentinel, Oct. 2002, and I could only read the title as the article no longer exists when you click on the link.

Oct 27, 2002 - Pumpkins can be stored for only a few weeks. Storing pumpkins any longer than a month can be difficult. They need be stored in a dry, cool...

Some ideas for using up your pumpkins for consumption.


What a TREAT to have these grown in your own gardens. Have a great week.


Susan said...

Lorraine, thanks for looking that up for me. You are so sweet! I'm going to try but will make sure they're in a plastic lined box in case they go bad.

Janice, I'm afraid it I put them out front now the neighbors will start to wonder about me. It would be funny though! I could tell them that I'm tired of summer and am pretending that fall has arrived. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh . . . Susan!!! That is so cool. I was wondering if we were going to get a "pumpkin update", but certainly wasn't expecting this. I've tried growing pumpkins with zero success and look at you. Now if you can just get them to last until fall. :-)

Lynn McIntosh said...

I'm so amazed how big that one got! That's wonderful! Heck, I'd display them at any time out front, if the weather would let me. (The neighbors already think I'm kind of eccentric, haha ) I hope they'll last for you and you're right - autumn is just around the corner!

Leslie Kimel said...

Wow, what gorgeous pumpkins! You should definitely be proud. They look so festive arranged around your bench!

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