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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Winter has finally arrived and even though I'm not fond of really cold days, I don't mind a few chilly weeks. On these days, I really appreciate the sun. As I look out from inside my home, the sunlight has a soft warm glow which is very different from the bright, harsh sunlight of summer. The soft light seems to make everything glow and more enjoyable to look at.

On cold afternoons, you will find me enjoying the garden from a sunny area protected from the wind. The look on Makayla's face expresses exactly how good the sun feels on a cold day.

There was a lot going on in the garden on this beautiful sunny afternoon.

The Cardinals are daring the Carolina Chickadees and Titmice to come to the feeders when they're there.They are a beautiful sight in the garden.

 The woodpecker is hammering away in search of a snack. So glad he posed for me while I snapped a photo. 

This little dove is enjoying the warmth of the sun, too.

More low temperatures are forecasted for this coming Saturday, and  I do hope we can stay above freezing. I would hate to lose my pentas because the butterflies, moths and hummers are enjoying them.

There might be terrible things happening in the world and lots of sadness on the news, but in the garden I get a "peaceful easy feeling!" You might call this my tribute to Glenn Frey who's music also gives me a "peaceful easy feeling."


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This chilly weather feels so much nicer than our heat and humidity. Today it has warmed up nicely, although inside, haven't used a heater, it still is chilly.

Your bird photos are wonderful.

Enjoy our Florida winter.


Janice Taylor said...

Hi Susan! The photos of your feathered friends are gorgeous. I am enjoying the cooler weather, even though we had a frost this morning. Enjoy your lovely garden and I hope 'Jack' misses you this weekend. _Janice

Barbara said...

Love the tribute to Glenn and the beautiful bird pictures.

Lynn McIntosh said...

Hi Susan! You have such a lovely spot to enjoy the sunshine and your garden! The sun sure does feel wonderful! Beautiful bird photos too! We watched a documentary last night on the Eagles and I learned a lot about their journey through the years. RIP Glenn

Leslie Kimel said...

It sounds like heaven sitting in the sun in your garden. Makayla sure looks cozy and comfortable, and I love your bird pictures!

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