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Monday, May 09, 2016

Mon Petit Potager

Here's a look at mon petit potager,
 or as we call it here in the South  - my little kitchen garden
It sounds so much fancier in French, doesn't it?

Anyway, it is a VERY little - teeny tiny kitchen garden. Despite its small stature - there is quite a bit packed into it. I'm getting pretty good at maximizing my space.

The old umbrella stand frame which has been re-purposed as a trellis is still holding up. A Georgia collard green is parked right behind it, and a few broccoli plants grow in an Earth box in front of it. There's also a dill plant tucked behind it.

Saturday was the first day we began eating our cucumbers. Love that fresh crisp flavor!

Big African Blue basil along with fennel can be seen in the background, while blueberries frame the side of this garden area. We have finished eating the tomatoes that made it through the winter and a Black Cherry tomato is working on setting fruit.

At the far right end of this space we are growing Sugar Snap peas, garlic chives, two green pepper plants and some Dinosaur kale among the salvia and roses. 

Between the two sides of the kitchen garden grows a dwarf mulberry which is in full production right now. Each  morning I pick around 10 to 12 tasty little berries. The nice benefit of the dwarf tree is that it will produce 1 to 2 more crops this year.

 On the opposite side of the pathway I have Swiss chard growing on my patio area, as well as parsley and some bush beans tucked in among the perennial plants that border the patio. I am working on new ideas for growing more veggies vertically this coming autumn. Might even purchase one of those hydroponic grow towers. I've got to get creative in this small space.

And, lastly, I'm delighted to report that the pumpkin vine is making a comeback (from this past autumn's pumpkin harvest) again this year. I've already attached it to the top of the fence, and now it is free to grow to its hearts content. Not too bad for a petit potager!!!


Janice Taylor said...

Susan, your garden is fabulous! You are packing so many goodies in your space, those mulberries and blue berries look delicious. The best part is that it all looks beautiful worked in with your other plants. I'll be looking forward to seeing the pumpkin harvest again this year. _Janice

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Not too bad for sure! You've done fantastic with your limited space. It all looks wonderful!


daisy gurl said...

Wow, so much food growing in a small-ish space! I love the repurposed umbrella frame idea! Everything looks so well put together. I am lacking in that area, so I really admire others who excel at it!
Enjoy your lovely potager!

Leslie Kimel said...

What a lovely kitchen garden! Everything looks so tasty--and pretty! I didn't even know there was such a thing as dwarf mulberries. How neat! I love mulberries. The fruits are so delicious, and they're so pretty with all their different color phases.

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