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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cemetery Gardens

This is my last post on Europe - I promise? I like putting my photos on my blog because it's an easy way for me to go back and relive my vacations. Sorry if I'm boring anyone!!! 

I think you'll find this post interesting because the cemeteries in Europe are very different from ours and quite pretty. This is the cemetery in Zermatt, Switzerland. Along with local folks buried in this cemetery, are the grave markers of many mountain climbers and skiers that died trying to ascend or descend the Matterhorn. Unfortunately, most of these hikers or skiers are young people  in their 20's and 30's.

Each plot has a pretty little garden. There is a faucet and watering cans available along the wall, and the locals come everyday to water the flowers and maintain the little garden. 

This is the entrance to a cemetery in one of my ancester's hometown.

Inside we found some very, very old graves.

and more pretty little gardens. 

Each headstone is very unique.

They plant shrubs, small trees and summer flowers.

This was a small cemetery behind a church in another of my ancestor's hometown. These are markers for soldiers that died in war.

This is the entrance to the cemetery in my mom's hometown where various members of my family are buried.

It is a very peaceful place . . .

with benches where you can sit for awhile.

There are various forms of gardens on these plots, along with angels and eternal candles.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the pretty little cemetery gardens. Next post I'll be posting on my 'Jungle!"


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

How interesting and lovely. I like the little garden plots at the grave sites.

I look forward to seeing your 'jungle'. I need to get out and work in mine.


Janice said...

Hi Susan! I think it's perfectly serene, probably comforting to those who have loved ones there. As far as jungles go, the rains and the heat turned my yard into a tropical jungle some weeks ago. There are plants literally lost in the wildness of it all! _Janice

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