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Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Paradox of Simplifying Your Life

Is the pursuit of simplicity a dubious dream in this fast-paced world?

Ask any number of people what a "simple life" means to them, and your bound to get a different answer each time. For me it means spending time with family and a few close friends, treading lightly on this earth by consuming fewer resources, creating comfort and beauty in my home and garden in an environmentally-friendly way, owning fewer possessions, enjoying meaningful work, indulging my love for books, savoring nature, and making the most of my life as it unfolds each and every day.

When I think about simplifying, life gets complicated. To tread lightly means (for me) that I need to be more aware of the products I purchase, and buy only what I truly need. I need to recycle as many items as possible, which means I may have to make numerous trips to different locations to dispose of my recyclable items. I have to make tough choices on which of my stuff to keep, and which to eliminate. Are you beginning to see my dilemma? Living a simple life is not as simple as it may seem!

What is your vision of a "simple life?"

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