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Friday, July 13, 2007

A Bit of Thanks

Some days you just have to count your lucky stars and be grateful for life as it is. It's so easy to breeze through the day without noticing the beauty that surrounds us. How the light filters through the tree branches or the mandevilla vine covered in soft white flowers. It's so easy to walk past people without making eye contact or smiling at them. Then a day comes when you see someone innocently suffering from the uncertainties of life, and your eyes open and, even if, for a short period of time, the world looks different to you - warm, inviting, complete and beautiful. You slow down, count your lucky stars and give thanks.

These bold and colorful flowers for the young woman I crossed paths with this morning. Best wishes!


Meems said...

a good dose of thanksgiving is always a heart warmer and eye opener. we have so much to be grateful for. thank you for the reminder and the pretty flowers.

Rosengeranium said...

I agree, and I'm happy that you are blogging again. You've taken quite a long pause. Wellcome back!

Susan said...

Meems...If only we could live in a state of gratitude more often it would be great.

Rosengeranium...Thanks for the welcome back. Life has been busy with my daughter out of school for the summer. I'll have more time to myself soon enough, but for now will enjoy spending time with her.

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