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Thursday, January 03, 2008

All Bundled Up for the First Winter Chill

Old Man Winter is dropping by for a visit, so we've been busy brining in orchids and other tender plants, and bundling up a few others that are too big to bring indoors.

Plants are everywhere! We had to use the dining room table instead of the floor this year because of a new kitten in the house.

Even the kitchen counter is doing double duty.

These staghorns covered with blankets dangle from the trees like hugh chandeliers.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I noticed that you have a staghorn fern. My sister brought one to me from FL a few years ago. It was in a wire basket. Amazingly I have kept it alive. Since it has been at least 3 years and the mix that it is sitting upon is about gone from the basket I don't quite know what to do with it. The side stags died unfortunately. But the central stag looks to be in good health. It appears that whoever planted this thing put two stags back to back. I think they are growing onto each other. I have no idea how to repot them?? I have a feeling they need a different way of growing. Or I need to at least replenish the mix that is in the basket. Can you tell me what they used in this basket? Iknow you can't see what is there but maybe you can tell me what is in your basket for the ferns. I just love this plant. I guess because my Sister gave it to me. It is so unusual for around here. I don't know anyone else that has one. I would appreciate any advice you could give me.

Thank you in advance, Lisa

Susan said...

Lisa...my husband has 6 staghorns. He has them planted in a wire basket and we NEVER repot them. They continue to multiple and will eventually enclose the entire basket so that you can't even see it. We fertilize them with a liquid solution about 4 times a year, and toss a rotten banana in the center occasionally.We also indulge them with a shower or two weekly because they love the moisture. Fortunately, they weren't damaged by the freeze. Good luck with yours. They are neat plants.

mike said...

There is your kitchen greenhouse. Nice Blog Susan. Being in Lakeland do you ever get to make it to the Webster Market?

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