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Friday, April 18, 2008

A New One for Me!

I wouldn't say that yellow is one of my favorite colors, but I am attracted to yellow flowers. They just stand out in the garden and grab your eye, and they look good with purple, orange, red and blue flowers. Plus, yellow is a very cheerful color.
This adorable little miniature-looking petunia is a new plant for me. I was searching for something different for this fern pedestal when I discovered it. It's called calibrachoa. I don't know if it has a common name that is easier to say, but it is really cute. It looks larger in the photo because of the up-close shot. I'm not sure if they will survive the summer heat, so I'll just enjoy them while they last.


Jane Marie said...

It sure looks purr-ty on that blue pedestal.

millionbells said...

The common name is million bells. ;)

Susan said...

Jane Marie...Thanks! Sometimes you just get lucky.

Millionbells...Thanks for the common name. I can see by your name that you are a fan of this particular flower. Whoever named it, named it well.

sara said...

I''ve had some luck with a lovely little petunia that looks similiar. Mine are already showing the strains of the warmer weather.

Susan said...

Sara...Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm always glad to find another Florida gardener. I will include your blog with my others on the sidebar. I was afraid these cute little flowers may not make it very long. Oh well, I'll enjoy them while they last.

Meems said...

Susan: I like those a lot... they look really nice in your planter.

I have seen the calibrachoa in garden centers everywhere this year. And last week I took my mom to Cypress Gardens where the classic single hollyhocks were blooming like wildflowers AND these mini-petunia look-alikes were profusely planted.They were still thriving but it is hard to tell what they might do when our nights get warm.

I'll be watching since I didn't brave any of them in my own garden. They might be one I put on my list to pick up in the fall though-- that's when I plant my petunias for all winter enjoyment.


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