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Monday, June 30, 2008

A Visit to Green Gables

A visit to Prince Edward Island means a stop at Anne Shirley's (or better known as Anne of Green Gables) house.

And one cannot miss a walk through Balsam Hollow, so aptly named by the young girl with a vivid imagination.

I can see why these woods gave her so much "scope for imagination." They look as though they are out of a fairy tale. Ostrich (if my memory is correct) fern covers the floor of the woodland,

along with a beautiful and delicate blue wildflower.

The woodland is alive with the melodies of song birds and the gurgling sounds of the creek as it passes under the foot bridge.

What a beautiful place to get lost in one's imagination.


Meems said...

Susan: You've probably figured out that I am catching up some blogging and just getting around to commenting on your trip to the "north".

You have taken my dream vacation and at a perfect time of year.

Hubby and I batted around the idea of Bar Harbour for this summer and never made firm plans. I've always, always (well, since I read Montgomery's books) wanted to visit Prince Edward Island in summer. Your daughter must have loved it.

All the garden photos and the town photos are just as I imagine it to be... you did a great job of capturing the essence and beauty of your trip. I even like the fog around the lighthouse... and would especially relish a trip through the woodlands.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

Susan said...

Meems...the woodlands were absolutely gorgeous. We had a great time and Faith loved it. I would have loved to spend the summer in Maine, especially on days like these.

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