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Sunday, January 04, 2009

A New Season Begins

We made a short holiday trip to the wintry state of Pennsylvania in search of snow. Unfortunately, temperatures ranged from the 30's to almost 70ish. And the only snow to be found were piles of dirty stuff on the side of the roads. We did, however, get a taste of cold weather which made our return home even sweeter.

If you're not from the north or some other cold weather climate you don't realize how bleak winter can be. It's cold, the sky is gray and overcast, and, most trees and plants are bare with the exception of the evergreens (which by the way, I was surprised to find that most folks don't decorate them for Christmas).

A trip up north in the winter makes me appreciate living in Florida. I couldn't live without the sunshine, the greeness and being able to garden 12 months out of the year.

As I took down the Christmas decorations in the warmth of an 80 degree day, I noticed the azaleas buds had swelled and were popping open in large bunches. For most folks, azaleas represent spring but in Florida they start to bloom in late winter. They are a little early this year because our temperatures have been on the warm side as of late.

I did notice that some other plants are putting out new growth, including a crepe myrtle. It feels like summer and the plants think its spring. But that's not necessarily good. We still have the possibility of some cold weather sneaking in within the next 6 to 8 weeks and zapping the tender new growth.


Anonymous said...

Your garden looks lovely and is just the tonic for a cool, grey day. :)

Anonymous said...

I noticed I had tiny little buds on all of my azalea bushes. None look anywhere near ready to bloom like yours do though. I think around March is when they'll begin. I know what you mean about the cold snaps getting the new growth. I lost most of the vegetation on my peach tree that way last year and it killed all of the baby peaches I had. So disappointing!

Great pictures!

Susan said...

Nancy...You can get your winter sunshine here.
Susie...What is the name of your peach tree? Are the peaches good?

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