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Monday, February 23, 2009

A Distant Memory

Here's what's left of my angel trumpet after cutting back the damaged branches from January's cold weather. It's amazing how tough this tropical plant really is. Last year the bark on the main trunk actually split away from the tree. At that time, I thought the tree would die back to the ground. Instead new shoots shot up from the main trunk.

Here's a photo before it succumbed to the freeze. I took it just days ahead of the cold weather because I knew all the blooms would be gone. Its lush canopy was covered in sweet-smelling blossoms. I really hated to see it all turn to mush.
The trumpet-shaped (hence the name) blossoms are about 10 to 12 iniches long and dangle from the branches. I'm guessing the other part of the name "angel" must come from the heavenly scent of the blossoms. It's such an unusual flower and a real eye-catcher in the garden.

Here's a stunning view of the tree from underneath. A mixture of green and apricot that just looks so cheery!
And, a close-up view of the gorgeous trumpet blossoms as they hang suspended in air. The bees really have to travel deep into the heart of this flower to reach the hidden nectar. The good news is that the angel trumpet won't be a distant memory for long, as new green leaves are already emerging from the scarred trunk. I look forward to her return and can't wait for the first bloom later this spring.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

It is so gorgeous. It amazes me how big they get where the winters are generally warmer.I just started some seeds for one but it will have to be brought in each winter. I bet you were so sad to have to cute it back as beautiful as it was. Maybe it will do even better now than it did before.

Anonymous said...

Those blooms are extraordinary! Wht a wonderful shrub/tree that is. I'm sure the angels must sing its praises, too. :)

Phillip said...

I love this plant. I have one that I started leaving out years ago after bringing it in and storing it in my basement. So far it has survived our winters. I haven't cut it back this year and I sure hope that it is okay. Like you say, they are tougher than people realize.

Susan said...

Lona...This plant is worth having even if you have to haul it inside each winter. Good luck with yours.

Nancy...I'm sure you are right about the angels. I definitely sing it praises!

Phillip...They are indeed tough. I hope your tree has weathered the winter, and will soon be on the mend.

Kim said...

Ooh, what a beautiful brugmansia! I'm hoping to add one to my garden this year. Hope yours comes back strong again!

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