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Friday, October 30, 2009

A Change of Weather

I wish I could say the change of weather was here in Florida but unfortunately it's still quite warm and unexpectedly humid for this time of year. These photos were taken in northern Alabama while visiting family.

The autumn parade of leaves was still in its infancy but there was still plenty of color to be found. Especially for us Floridians who aren't used to a lot of autumn color.

We visited Burritt House which is a living museum to the way life used to be in this neck of the woods. Outside one small cabin was a kitchen garden overflowing with herbs and vegetables.

A plant that's already gone dormant for the season still has a few colorful berries for the birds. These may even be rose hips. I'm not quite sure but the more I look at the photo the more it looks like a rose.

The temperature this day was a brisk 52 degrees. All bundled up in our jackets, it was a great change from the heavy humidity we've experienced lately.

I couldn't miss taking a snapshot of this adorable scarecrow surrounded by the changing season. It was the perfect autumn shot.

As was this one. A really cool concrete bench flanked by black pottery and a dusting of leaves on the ground.

Rich vibrant gold and red maple leaves are a sight to behold.

Especially when contrasted against the deep dark brown of the tree trunk.

It's always a joy to see the autumn leaves!


Meems said...

For me as a Floridian it's still so fascinating every time I get to see fall colors. Loved all your photos of leaves and lucky for you ~ you got to go where it is cooler. This humidity is really getting old!

Dani said...

Beautiful! My antique rose has almost the same hips as the one in your picture. Makes me think it's a rose too.

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