Welcome to my zone 9 garden. My roots are deeply planted in the sandy soil of sub-tropical central Florida, where the summers are long and hot, but the rest of the year is paradise!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

November Musings

November is one of the most perfect months in Florida. As Summer’s unfaltering heat and oppressive humidity have finally faded away, it is replaced with balmy Chamber of Commerce weather. The kind of blissful days that draw even the most homebound person outdoors to soak up every minute of perfect weather.

I grab my bucket of garden tools and plan to start in the side yard pulling weeds and clipping back plants as I work my way around the house.

The bromeliads are in desperate need of thinning as they are encroaching on the brick walkway. The peacock ginger is slowly fading away until next spring and I can finally see my small collection of ceramic mushrooms again.

I discover this nasty little weed called Heartleaf Drymary is popping up in various parts of the yard where the grass is sparse from too much shade. If I ignore it, it’ll take over the yard in a heartbeat.

I spread some mulch and then decide to take a break. A large glass of ice cold water and an apple seem the perfect snack to enjoy while I sit on the deck and overlook my backyard.

I’m not seated long…more weeds to pull…potted plants need relocating…one idea after another pops into my head and I MUST do it now!

I grab some apple slices and stroll to the other side of the yard. The hibiscus seem to relish this time of year with an abundance of blooms.

This morning glory has decided to use this hibiscus plant as a trellis. They actually make quite a nice pair.

A pretty pink begonia dangles in the wind.

And a couple of Brown Turkey figs are ripe for picking. The day draws to an end, and...with a BIG smile on my face...I make plans for another "perfect" day in the garden tomorrow.


Uniquely Ella said...

Hi! Susan love your garden. The ceramic mushroom collection is soooo cute.

Meems said...

This is a very good time to get some work done in the garden. So pretty today even... this is why we live in FL right? Your bromeliads look great. Enjoy your garden.

Susan said...

Ella...Hi, and welcome! I'm always happy to find another Florida gardener. Please, do come back and visit again.

Meems...Yes, this is the perfect time to be outside. So nice, that I'm having trouble staying focused on putting the x-mas decorations up. I just want to putter around in the garden.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

You raise an interesting question: what is the best month of the year. Here in south Florida I would vote November or December, possibly January. Up north of course the votes would flood in for August or July.

Susan said...

Robert...You're right, it's all subjective based on where one lives. We're pretty lucky even during the hot months of summer.

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