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Thursday, May 20, 2010

HELP - Can Anyone Identify this Plant?

This plant belongs to a friend of my sister. No one in my "family of gardeners" can identify it...if anyone recognizes it, please let us know the name. We are impatiently waiting and hopeful that someone can help.

Is it a native plant, a wildflower, a rare exotic species???? Our curiosity is getting the best of us!

Every year this time, a leafless stalk emerges from the ground and produces this unusual but very pertty flower.

In the bottom photo you can see the leafless stalk of flowers in the clay pot. As the bloom fades the plant gets leaves resembling those of an amaryllis. The plant grows from a tuber type of bulb.

I do hope that someone is able to identify it, and satisfy our curiosity. Thanks for your help!


Dani said...

I got nothin' Susan. Sorry.

Meems said...

Hmmm... there are several types of surprise lilies or naked ladies with those characteristics but that looks like a whole different type of flower than a lily of any sort. You can take it to your local extension office. They will be your best bet at an official ID if you don't get help here. Will be curious along with you to see what it is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan. Felix here. That's it!! You solved the mystery. Thanks for the help and you have first dibs on any offshoots. I'll send some pix of the foliage when it appears.

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