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Friday, May 07, 2010

One of the Best Things about Being a Gardener

One of the best things about being a gardener is cut flowers.
(Lotus begonia blooms)

There's always something in bloom that can be brought indoors to enjoy.
And, if there aren't any flowers, there is plenty of interesting foliage that looks pretty in a vase, too.

This year we've got gardenias blooming for Mother's Day.

Every year when I see the first flowers on the bush, I quickly run inside and grab my clippers. The sweet-smelling scent of just a couple of gardenias makes the entire room smell heavenly. They get special treatment at my home...they get to float around in a very pretty china bowl.

Have a great Mother's Day, and I hope each one of you receives some beautiful flowers!


FlowerLady said...

I long for a gardenia bush full of those wonderfully scented blooms. I have had 2-3 over the years and they've all croaked on me. I either watered them too much or not enough. I can't waste any more money, and with the economy the way it is, I've not bought any plants in a couple of years anyway. So I will enjoy your lovely gardenia blooms through your blog. Gardenias are one of my first memories as a young girl in FL.

I have a begonia with white blooms and ruffled leaves, but I don't know what it is called, but I sure enjoy their delicate blooms and scent.

It is nice to be able to pick flowers from your own gardens to enjoy. Many many years ago I told DH I'd rather have growing plants as a gift than a bouquet of dieing flowers. The gardens have grown and it's a real treat when he picks blooms for me from our own gardens.


Ami said...

Thanks for this post to give me the idea to put the gardenia in the bowl, so that I can enjoy them indoor as well! I LOVE LOVE your lotus leaved begonia. Have seen this plant from both you and Rusty in dragonfly garden, I had to keep drooling over this gorgeous begonia!

Floridagirl said...

Oh my, I love that lotus begonia! Gotta find one of those! I'll be googling that tonight. Your arrangements are beautiful. I think I need to go out and cut some flowers.

NanaK said...

Happy Mothers Day to you Susan. Your cut flowers inspire me to do the same. Floating gardenia blossoms are lovely.

Rainforest Gardener said...

Mmmm, gardenias! They look really coordinated with your choice of dish.

sanddune said...

My wife does the same thing bringing the Gardenia blooms inside to scent the house.Our bushes here are still not yet in bloom but hopefully soon now.

Meems said...

Hi Susan,
I've never even thought about cutting those gorgeous begonia blooms to bring inside but they look beautiful in your vase. I'm not sure I have the nerve for that one... I love seeing them outside so much. Maybe when I have oodles of them like you I can spare a few to bring in.

But gardenias. YES! In the house to bring the heavenly scent indoors! Yours are lovely in the pretty china bowl.

Happy Mother's Day.

Susan said...

Flowerlady...sorry to hear about your bad luck with gardenias. I wish I could attach the fragrance to my post for you.

Ami...The lotus begonia is a beauty, especially the leaves.

Floridagirl...Yes, do bring some of your beautiful blooms indoors.

Kay...Happy Mother's Day to you, too. Unfortunately, the gardenia flowers don't last too long before turning yellow but they continue to smell sweet.

Rainforest gardener...Thanks!

Sanddune...They do a great job in making the house smell good. You still have them to look forward to.

Meems...I'm sure your begonias will be having babies soon. I've gotten three new plants from my original, and my neighbor Nancy (who gave me the plant) has lots of babies coming up in her garden, especially in cracks in her brick walkways. Hope you had an enjoyable Mother's Day.

Kimberly said...

Susan, your blooms are wonderful! I like the gardenia in the dish...great idea! I don't have a gardenia...maybe I'll add one this year?!?!

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