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Friday, September 24, 2010

My Favorites...this month!

September is a transitional month in the Florida garden, as the slow arrival of autumn-inspired plants join forces with the tropical blooms of summer...keeping the garden colorful with both flowers and foliage. Yes, autumn is different in Florida...but nonetheless...colorful in our own unique way.

My favorites this month are from left to right....a dwarf variety of Nandina 'Firepower' (heavenly bamboo, as I prefer to call it) whose green leaves begin to take on a reddish color if the plant is located in the sun. A red variety of Gaillardia...Indian blanket flower 'Burgundy' mixes well with its neighbor the dwarf nandina. Mexican Bush Sage that bursts into bloom in early September after spending the summer growing into a VERY LARGE bush (more on this bush in a future post). The blossoms are soft as velvet.
Firebush...a good-looking and hard-working plant that supplies endless nectar to a number of butterflies, moths, bees and hummingbirds...who doesn't love this fabulous Florida-friendly plant!  Another native, American Beautyberry sports berries that look like purple pearls.  And, lastly, the pretty foliage of the variegated Confederate jasmine...much more interesting than it's solid green cousin, and just as fragrant when it blooms. 

Still looking fresh at the end of summer!
Here's a favorite plant combo that still looks great at the end of our long, hot summer...periwinkles (or vinca) and flax lily. This particular deep pink color of the periwinkles is my favorite. It's a simple color combo, but one that is crisp and bright.

September's Simple Pleasures

Getting back into the garden!

When September arrives I sigh with relief because I know it won't be long before the best part of the year...weather wise...begins. I feel the urge to get back in the garden...weeding...trimming...planting...just enjoying being outdoors.


September is the beginning of another favorite season for me....football!

I've cheered the Dolphins on since the 70's -- when I was a kid, of course :-) -- and this year will be no different. So, for 3 hours on Sunday the garden will have to wait.

Go Dolphins!

What are your favorites this month? If you'd like to join me in posting your favorites for the month, please do...they don't have to be in collage form...but do leave a comment, so I can drop by and see your favorites later this weekend.  :-) 


Anonymous said...

Your pics are fabulous, Susan. I don't have anything new to post about yet, and will be gone over this weekend... but will be back on schedule by Monday. :)

Rainforest Gardener said...

I'm not even a football fan and I love your little arrangements for the dolphins. How creative!

daisy said...

I'm saying goodbye to my zinnias this month. I seem to notice texture more when it's (almost) too hot to garden. Love your pix! daisy

NanaK said...

This wonderful weather we've been having has really made it nice for being outside. Your favorites seem to be casting a fall colored hue on your garden. Love the nandina and that beauty berry. I will eagerly await your Mexican sage post as mine is not blooming or even growing very much. Spittle bugs have plagued it ever since I planted it this spring. Maybe I can pickup a pointer or two. Have a great weekend.

Meems said...

Very pretty, Susan. I'm wondering if the burgundy blanket flower is as profuse as pulchella? I like the more solid color. And yes, firebush is a must have. My mexican bush sage is so big it falls over ungracefully but is blooming. And the beauty berry is just too cool. I love everything about it. And cooler weather!!!! YAY! It does say garden and football. Not so much pro ball fans around here as college ball...but wow the Dolphins were around before the Bucs so it does bring back (childhood)memories having you cheer for them.
Great post.
p.s. got your e-mail... will respond later. Thanks.

Floridagirl said...

Love that burgundy Gaillardia! I've lately been growing a new addiction to the blanketflowers.

There you go again tempting us with beautifully arranged junk foods that we should not partake of, frosty glass and all! The Dolphins...ah! what memories! The 70's was their decade, don't ya think? Okay, maybe the 80's too. Of course, I was just a wee lass back then myself as well.

ChrisC said...

The Dolphins ?! As a life-long Bills fan(they break my heart every year,'cept for the Jim Kelly years,this one included)I cannot cheer for the Dolphins.But I do love your arrangements.I'm gonna try that for the Bucs.
This weather,lately,has been wonderful.I am grateful the Bucs have been blacked out.It allows me time to garden on Sundays.

Janis said...

Susan, I really love the color orange, very cute display.Your Fall garden looks great and am going to stop by your blog often. Janis

Susan said...

Hi Kathy...Thanks! I hope you can join in next month...same time, same place.

Steve...Glad you like my tablescape. This one came together quite easily and was a ton of fun.

Daisy...Thank goodness for texture in the garden. They do seem to pick up when the flowers fade.

Kay...Sorry to hear about the spittle bugs. I'm not sure what they look like and don't even want to know...it may jinx my bush sage.

Hi Meems...So far it's doing pretty good. I just picked some seeds off of it, and am going to see if I can get some new plants going. It's a unique flower color.

The bush sage gets so large that it does seem to eventually flop over. I guess it doesn't really matter...the blooms are soooo pretty.

FloridaGirl...Blanket flowers definitely are addictive with their bright beautiful and long-lasting blooms.

Hey, at least you can't gain any weight looking at my tablescape...it's calorie-free. And, yes the Dolphins hey-day was definitely back in the 70's and 80's, but their past due to get back on top...one of these days.

Chris...Oh, no...a Bill's fan! OMG...I'm glad to hear that YOU Bill's fan feel the same way about US Dolphin fans. There's a lot of history...and not necessarily good history...between these two teams. I bet we can agree on one thing though...we would cheer for each other to beat the Patriots!

Hi Janis...Glad you dropped by, and hope to see more of you.

Meems said...

I'm running behind (as usual on memes) but I've posted my September favorites today. Thanks for hosting.

Char's Gardening said...

Sorry about your Dolphins. I am a die hard Steeler fan. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I now see you have multiple blogs, I'm really enjoying this one.

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