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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The September Garden

The month of September is filled with anticipation and antsiness for me because
the best weather of the year will soon be here...temps in the 80's and lower humidty! :-)

My September garden is colorful with a variety of plant blossoms. The masses of liriope border have bloomed to their little hearts content this summer, and it seems to me that 'big blue' is a more prolific bloomer. I can't forget the little yellow coreopsis in the background that also has bloomed well this summer.

And, what a sweet couple this combination makes. Soft white with a hint of pink...Seafoam, an antique variety is not letting the purple pentas outbloom it. They look pretty cozy there next to each other.

This plump little Bumble Bee is making sure he gets every last bit of nectar out of the center of this Mexican petunia.

The Swedish ivy planted in the ground has spread quickly this summer. I stuck a broken terracota plant at the base of it to look as though it is a potted plant that tipped over. Throwing out broken pots seems like a waste, so I was happy to "borrow" this idea from a photo I saw in a magazine.

 Our orchids were slow to bloom this summer after having spent most of the winter indoors. But, now many are setting buds and gracing us with their flawless beauty. Backlit by the sun...it's all aglow!

And, the buds on this exotic-looking specimen is just beginning to reveal its inner-beauty.

It definitely is not a disappointment...as if any orchid ever could be.

This spray of orchid flowers look like butterflies fluttering around in the breeze.

The never-ending worldy conflict of light vs. darkness...in the garden there is no conflict...they graciously complement each other. 

Soon the birds will be enjoying the special treat of Beautyberry. They do look like they'd be quite tasty.

Beach sunflower is so easy-going and undemanding, that sometimes I forget about it. It's located in the very back of the garden and is shielded from view on one side by larger plants. It quietly continues marching through open territory, covering bare ground...blooming its simple but pretty yellow flower all summer.  

How interesting that the pink hydrangea flower has faded mostly to a creamy white. Still very pretty! 

Texas sage is putting forth some new blooms. I love the grayish tone of the foliage on this undemanding plant.

A happy new gardening season to all my Florida gardening friends!


FlowerLady said...

What a wonderful afternoon treat to walk around your lovely gardens viewing the blooms and foliage too. Love that fat bee in the Mexican Petunia bloom too. Your Seafoam rose is wonderful.

I'm antsy to get outdoors after being cooped up with a cold/flu bug this week. The weather is changing and that's great!

Enjoy our coming glorious growing season that will soon be here.


Floridagirl said...

What a wonderful September walk through your garden, Susan! I can't wait for my garden to reach that level of maturity. And those orchid blooms! I've not seen a single bloom on mine all summer. Not one. You're right, that Seafoam and the purple pentas make a gorgeous combination. Don't you love it when that happens? And I love that bumblebee nose-deep in the Ruellia. Great photo!

Anonymous said...

Your flower photos are breathtaking! I especially fell in love with those Seafoam roses.

Dani said...

Everything looks so pretty Susan! Thanks for taking us along on your walk. :)

Susan said...

Hi Flowerlady...Sorry to hear you've been under the weather with a flu bug...yuk! I hope you're back on your feet and out in the garden this weekend.

FloridaGirl...My orchids weren't blooming either until about a month ago, and now I'm seeing buds on more and more of them every week...finally. That little fat bee is adorable...he was really enjoying those petunias.

Kathy...Hi and welcome. It's always nice to discover another Fla. gardener/blogger. Seafoam is a really pretty and dainty rose. I've had this plant for quite a few years...relocated it this past winter...and, apparently she's pretty happy with her new spot.

Dani...Glad you enjoyed visiting my September garden.

Antique ART Garden said...

Your photos are beautiful, lovely flowers still. we need rain bad here, take care, Gina

Susan said...

Hi Gina...Thanks! Our rain has tapered off this week for the first time since the beginning of August, so I'm sure we'll be needing to turn the sprinklers on more often. It's so much easier when a few storms roll in each week.

Ami said...

Love, love that seafoam rose! I don't know where to find those antique roses, my hybrid tea roses are not looking good, two of them are gone for good :( Your orchids look so gorgeous! I also have two orchids blooming now. September is a good month for the garden, yours are very colorful, and those combination are very pretty.

daisy said...

Beautiful blooms, one and all! Enjoy the coming months which are easier on the gardener!

ChrisC said...

Your orchids are outstanding.Our's have been growing,but no blooms yet.Love the antique roses too!

NanaK said...

I could almost feel cool September breezes as I read your post. I just love that bee picture. Seeing your Seafoam rose with the pentas is giving me ideas for companion planting. Mmmmm.....

Susan said...

Hi Ami...You might try looking for antique roses at one of your local nurseries. We have two local (mom & pop style) nurseries that offer them beginning in February. They usually sell out pretty quick. I've also bought some at plant festivals.

Daisy...I am definitely looking forward to the coming months...it's definitely the best time of the year.

Hi Chris...Our orchids were lazy this summer, too. I think they were still recuperating from the winter months, but now they are beginning to get a lot of buds. Hope yours will, too.

Hi Kay...Yes, that little plump bee is adorable. It seems as though my best combinations happen by accident. Sometimes you just get lucky! Have a great weekend!

Rainforest Gardener said...

I'm really starting to like the liriope this year too! I think I liked it the most in winter though, when it was one of the only plants with any green left to speak of. Lovely pictures!

Meems said...

Your garden looks like it is as thankful for September as I am. You've got some really pretty combinations displayed and all your flowers are hard workers in a Florida garden. Your orchids are stunning.

Robur d'Amour said...

Oh dear.

Those are lovely plants, and lovely photos.

And what a lovely climate. Right now, I'm having to think of packing my plants away, in anticipation of something called Winter, that you've probably never heard of.

Susan said...

Steve...Sometimes we tend to overlook a rather plain but essential plant in the garden, such as liriope. It definitely does play many roles in the garden...and, yeah it doesn't freeze. That's definitely a plus!

Meems...My garden and I are both thankful for the mild mornings and evenings. It won't be long now....

Robur...Well, we are familiar with "winter," but we won't be seeing it for quite a few months yet. Now, snow is something we're not familiar with at all! :-)

Penlyn said...

So nice to find this site again, Susan. I have Central Florida Gardener saved on my links and when I visited it tonight I thought, "I'm sure I remember visiting another of Susan's blogs." Oh yeah, here it is!
Is seafoam rose an antique, and does it like sandy, sunny yards?

Susan said...

Hi Penny...So glad you found your way here again. My seafoam is an antique variety that grows in regular old Florida dirt, but I add a lot of good stuff ...compost, good top soil, blood and bone meal...to the soil when I plant roses. The only other thing I do is fertilize it about 3 times a year, and top dress it with compost in the spring when I shape it up. The antique varieties are a breeze and tend to look better year round than the hybrids.

Orlando Realtor said...

I have been a Blog Post drop out, but am back and as usual I have enjoyed your posts and wonderful photos.

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