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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Cheer

As I turned into Peterson's Nursery to buy the Yuletide camellia I blogged about earlier, their sign said they had 13 poinsettia varieties to choose from. WOW - 13!

I usually only see the traditional red and occassionally the white varieties at the local box store. My curiosity was peaked, as I quickly parked the car and headed inside, eager to see 13 different poinsettia blooms. 

Their small shop was stuffed full of holiday cheer in the form of poinsettias. Plants lined the shelves, floor and counter. Wandering from one plant to another, I oohed and awed at curly and speckled flowers, varying shades of pink and red, small and large blossoms, and plants with variegated foliage. 

Of course, I knew I wasn't leaving there with just the Yuletide camellia :-), but the problem was how to decide which one to purchase. That decision soon became impossible and I left with 2 varieties. 

Sometimes indecision can be a good thing! ;-)

Here's my first choice - a pink and cream colored flower (I know these are actually the leaves, but I call them flowers).

The soft pink was just too irresistable! I have a holiday table runner with pink flowers on it that will go perfectly with this selection.

Then I discovered this variegated variety, and it was an instant decision that this plant was going home with me, too. Can you blame me?

These 3 colors are stunning together. I'm going to grow these poinsettias in pots, so that I can bring them indoors and enjoy them again next Christmas.

May your house be filled with the Christmas spirit, and a couple of beautiful poinsettias!


daisy said...

Brilliant! I've never seen the variagated variety. Can't blame you at all! ;0)

Ami said...

You just can not resist, can't you? :) I can not blame you to bring those poinsettias home. I love both cream pink and the variegated ones. I never saw the variegated ones before.

Dani said...

They are beautiful!!!!!

Floridagirl said...

Those are beautiful! I'd never be able to choose just one either. As a matter of fact, I probably would've come home with 13. (Will have to avoid that place when I take my son to his Lakeland appt. in a few days.)

ChrisC said...

I love the variegated variety!I can't blame you for bringing them all home!I would've too.

NanaK said...

Thanks for the Holiday Cheer. I'm kinda' needing it right now. Most of my in-ground plants are pretty droopy. Those are quite unusual poinsettias. Your idea of keeping them in pots is a good one. That variegated one will look great even when not in bloom!

Susan said...

Daisy...I haven't either. I think it is my favorite.

Ami...No, I can't resist a beautiful plant. But, can you blame me.

Dani...I totally agree! :-)

FloridaGirl...It definitely is a sight to behold. I dropped by earlier this week to buy a camellia for my sister for Christmas and they were having 600 more poinsettia plants delivered.

Chris...The variegated is my favorite, too.

NanaK...Sorry to hear about your droopy plants. We've had the usual tropical plants damaged (mostly butterfly varieties)...the few I covered up did okay. I agree with you that the variegated variety will look good even when not in bloom.

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