Welcome to my zone 9 garden. My roots are deeply planted in the sandy soil of sub-tropical central Florida, where the summers are long and hot, but the rest of the year is paradise!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Round One

Winter appears to be early this year as round one of...who knows how many...cold fronts has come, and is now slowly leaving. As our early morning temps hovered right at the 32 degree mark, the garden was remarkably untouched...including our poinsettia.

A quick look at the vegetable garden...and the only casualty so far is the green beans. The tomato bush is hanging in there, but I fear with round two coming early next week there's not much hope for it.

So, I took NanaKay's...at My Garden Path...advice and purchased a Yuletide camellia bush. She'll be planted beside the front porch, and each year we'll look forward to the holiday cheer she'll add to our December garden. Thanks for the great tip, NanaKay...she is a beauty!


Ami said...

Love your Christmas deco in the garden. Hope the garden can survive next week's cold front too.

ChrisC said...

I,too,love the garden decor!I must get one of those Camellias and add it to TheGreatWall.
So far,so good here,gardening-wise with the cold fronts.This weekend could tell the tale.

Floridagirl said...

So happy your garden was spared! And you are north of PITV! We were hit badly here, as is apparently the norm. Love your 'Yuletide.' My son bought me one for Christmas last year. So beautiful! Your garden is looking very Christmasy.

Orlando Realtor said...

The "doo-dads" in your garden are great. I especially love the photo of your garden fairy on your blog banner.

NanaK said...

I do love the Yuletide! Your snowman scarecrow in the veggie garden must have worked. Since my tomatoes are in containers they are now on the back porch and so far, so good. We had the expected damage here. The oak canopy did protect a lot of things though. I think I will be revisiting that list of cold survivors on your Central Florida Gardener blog when planting season arrives again.

daisy said...

Hang in there, Susan! Ol' Jack Frost hasn't got us beat yet!

Meems said...

So glad to hear your garden took that first hit. It is amazing how different each garden can be and only a few miles of separation. You are going to love that Yuletide... my only complaint is camellias are slow growers.

Stay warm for the next wave... Monday.

Susan said...

Ami...I hope we'll slip by again next week, but I highly doubt it. :-(

Chris...Thanks! Glad to hear your garden has fared well, too.

FloridaGirl...I'm so sorry to hear that that blasted cold front did so much damage. It's hard to believe that we're back around to winter and cold fronts once again.

Maxine...Thanks, I like my "doo-dads, too, and the fairy is one of my favorites.

Hi Kay...Maybe my Florida snowman did help scare away that nasty cold blast. I've got one tomato plant in the garage, so we won't be totally tomatoless.

Daisy...You're right, Daisy. I'm covering a few things up and bringing lots of potted plants indoors. He won't get his hands of everything I've got.

Meems...Yes, it is too bad they don't grow a little quicker. I'll be throwing out a few more blankets again on Sunday.

Janis "Pumpkin" said...

Susan, Your garden looks SOO festive and I knew it would. I think I will put a camellia on my Christmas list. Used to grow them years ago, do not remember what happened. Merry Christmas Janis

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