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Thursday, December 15, 2011

All Decked out in Yellow

Red may be the color of Christmas ~ ~ but the Christmas Senna is all decked out in yellow.

Every year I eagerly anticipate seeing this LARGE shrub covered in these sunny yellow flowers.

 I'm apparently not the only one who loves this plant and its pretty flowers. For weeks bees have been hovering all around it, 

as well as wasps...

The creatures I planted this bush for ~ ~ the Cloudless Sulphur butterflies ~ ~ are showing up in abundance, too.

Turning a bright yellow as they munch away on the flowerbuds.

Who thought they would love the taste of the flowers! ??????

See what I mean.

They definitely reduce the amount of flowers, but that's okay since I planted the bush for them, and 

I'll reap the rewards by having an abundance of these beautiful yellow butterflies in my garden.
We found a number of these caterpillars spinning their crysalis on a nearby Sabal palm. How in the world do they travel 10 feet down the yard and then another 5 feet up the palm tree? Another one of nature's mysteries.


Dani said...

They are such cool looking caterpillars!

sherryocala said...

Very cool habitat you have there, Susan, and a complete science lesson, too! I love that shade of yellow. A happy post.

David said...

Hi Susan,
It is so nice to find your garden blog. I just did a post on yellow in my garden. Parallel universe theory? Whoa!
I'll have to come back and visit after Christmas (or before if I can sneak in here to the computer).
You have some wonderful things going on in your garden.
Merry Christmas! David/ :-)
Tropical Texana

Susan said...

Dani...Yes, they are indeed!

Sherry...Yellow is definitely a happy color and having lots of caterpillars in the garden is a very happy thing.

David...Hi and welcome. I saw your blog listed on Sherry's and I did a quick drop in, and plan to visit when I have a bit more time. Your garden definitely looks like ours in Florida. Thanks for stopping by!

stone said...

Those I like... Glad to see the cats...
I grow golden showers trees (Cassia fistula) and have never seen those cats using it... They do use the coffee weeds (Senna obtusifolia), though.
So... I have to encourage people to keep the coffee weeds as a butterfly host plant...

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