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Friday, December 09, 2011

November at a Glance

Oh my gosh, it's December 9th and here I am just getting around to doing a recap on November. It's obvious to see that the holidays are upon us and time is limited, but I didn't want to miss out on posting the fall color in my November garden.

I'm participating in Dave's Fall Color Project 2011 to dispel the myth that Florida lacks fall color. We may not enjoy the massive amounts of fall color in other areas of the country but as you'll see by these photos we do enjoy a fair amount of color as far south as central Florida where I am located. 

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If cold fronts blow through as early as November the sweet gum trees in our yard turn a beautiful burgundy color. We also enjoy stunning blue skies in autumn with fewer of the puffy white clouds that abound in summer. 

Here's a close-up of the gorgeous star-shaped leaves.

Our Bald cypress trees also turn a prettier golden rust color when cooler weather comes in early November...as it did this year. Often times they will turn a more ruddish brown color, but this year we enjoyed stunning color.

Especially, when highlighted with the softer sunlight that is prevalent during autumn and winter in Florida.

The Maidencane grass which is green in spring and summer turns a golden color in autumn, and looks beautiful contrasted with the blue water.

A weekend drive through the Green Swamp (located between Polk and Lake counties) provides us with trees of varying shades of autumn color. A true delight to this native Floridian!

Thanks, Dave for your fall color project. I enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful autumn color around the country, and I enjoyed sharing photos of a Florida autumn.


daisy said...

Wow, those star-shaped leaves are amazing! Thanks for sharing all that beautiful fall color!

Lona said...

Time sure flies sometimes doesn't it? I love the fall leaves on your trees all decorated with the moss. The moss makes them look even lovelier. What a pretty picture with the lake.
Have a wonderful weekend.

sherryocala said...

Susan, thanks for tooting Florida's horn for its fall color. Here we have a maple variety that turns a bright red, and, of course, we have the Sweet Gums, too. I love those star-shaped leaves. Here we also have dogwoods, and my neighbor's is showing a kaleidoscope of colors now - muted reds, burnt orange and shades of purple. And the field weeds have turned golden. The fall color is there if you take the time to look.

Leslie said...

What beautiful pictures, Susan! I especially love the ones of the cypress, with all the lush Spanish moss and soft golden sunlight. Florida is truly paradise in fall.

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

Awesome colors! The sweet gum tree is one of my all time favorite fall color trees. It gets a bad rap because of those gum balls but I think the color is worth the hassle! The bald cypress is very cool too, and all that Spanish moss hanging around gives everything a very unique look. thanks for joining in the Fall Color Project!

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