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Monday, January 02, 2012

It's a First!

As I was blowing bald cypress leaves off the driveway this past weekend something caught my eye on the rosemary plant. 

Could it be? Yes, she's blooming! 

I've read that it takes 3 years for a rosemary plant to bloom, and I know she's been in the ground for at least 3 years...could be closer to 4. What a wonderful surprise for the new year. Now I just hope the cold front doesn't freeze the stalk of pretty little blue flowers.

Hope your new year is filled with wonderful surprises, too!


FlowerLady said...

I've only had one or two times where my rosemary has bloomed. I just love those true blue flowers. Speaking of rosemary, I need to take some cuttings and put them in a glass of water to root.

I've thought about you the past few days, wondering how cold it got in your area. It has warmed up since this morning, which was really cold, and it's not supposed to be as cold tonight.

Enjoy your rosemary blooms.


sherryocala said...

Well, I'll be! That's why my first one didn't bloom even though it was huge. Unfortunately, it died in it 2nd year. Now I have another one. I'll have to keep this one alive longer. It's quite lovely.

David said...

Isn't it nice when Mother Nature sends a surprise. I recall that happening in my garden and at first I didn't even realized they were blooms. I think they last a long time. Very pretty. :-)

Susan said...

Hi Flowerlady...I didn't know you could root rosemary in water. We got down to around 27 but didn't have any damage. Even the angel trumpet made it as well as the poinsettia. We even had frost on the second morning. It doesn't make sense. All I can figure is it didn't freeze for long...but I don't understand about the frost.

Hi Sherry...Hope your 2nd rosemary makes it. It's such a great plant.

Hi David...Oh, I'm glad to hear they last a long time. The freeze did not get them...hurray. And, yes I do love to find these kind of surprises in the garden.

daisy said...

I love the color of the bloom on the rosemary. Even if the frost comes, it'll come back with no problem. Enjoy!

Marguerite said...

Lucky you able to grow rosemary year round. I tried taking my rosemary inside to overwinter this year and promptly forgot to water it. Oops! Looking a little brown and withered now. Wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a 'Liebster Award'. Come visit my blog to find out the details.

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