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Monday, January 30, 2012

Bloomin Beauties

It might be winter but the orchids sure don't seem to know it or care. We've been lucky enough to be showered with orchid blooms all winter long.

This vanda blooms several times a year. They are one of the easiest orchids to take care of in my opinion...no potting medium necessary. Just place them in a...we use...wood basket and hang them up.

This oncidium has about five 2 foot long sprays of golden flowers dangling from the basket. It's a long bloomer and a hearty multiplier.

This sunny and bright cattleya is also a wonderful bloomer. This orchid hangs right next to the one above, so every time I see them out the window it's like looking at sunshine, especially on a dreary day.

This little guy is also a repeat bloomer. He blooms at least 3 times a year. Very exotic looking...don't you think?

And, this beauty is brand new. My neighbor Nancy (you remember Nancy, right?) and I exchanged some of our fast growing orchids. I gave her a frilly green cattleya and a golden yellow one for this colorful beauty. Plus, it has a really cool looking fern growing in the basket as well...a bonus to me!

Don't worry I do remember to bring these and the rest of the collection inside when the temps drop below 50 degrees. Fortunately, that hasn't been to often this year -- yippee!

Being surrounded by such beauty in the midst of winter makes me a very happy girl.


Ami said...

Susan: Those orchid blooms are just amazing, and I love all of your orchids! I have been slowly bringing more and more orchids home, so constantly I have a handful of orchids blooming at the same time. I can see more will come to join the group, if I can find more space for them :)


Lona said...

Oh, they are just beautiful Susan. I love the colors of the coral ones in bloom. Gorgeous!

FlowerLady said...

Susan ~ those are absolutely beautiful and I can see why and how looking at these brightens your day. I saw some little ones at HD the other day for $5 each and was tempted, but I resisted. :-) I have some wild purple vandas, another kind of vanda, also purple, a white/green unkn, a little tiny bloomer also unkn, and the orange little reed orchids. Oh yea, I almost forgot the white ones my friend Nanci gave me 4 of. One of those has a stem with several buds and I look forward to seeing them open.

Enjoy your beautiful collection of these gorgeous blooms.


Susan said...

Ami...I'm sure you'll find space for more orchids :) who can resist their beautiful flowers.

Lona...The coral is one of my favorites, plus the flowers last a long time.

Hi Flowerlady...I'd love to see a pic of the wild purple vandas. Do post a pic next time they bloom.

Dani said...

I always love seeing your orchids Susan!

Meems said...

Always love seeing your beautiful orchids... they would brighten any garden and gardener's day. So cheery. This winter has been magical!

Susan said...

Hi Dani & Meems...it definitely has been a wonderful winter.

daisy said...

Wow, you've got quite the variety growing there! They look lovely!

Nanette O'Hara said...

I have orchids in bloom now too and my beloved striking purple Vanda species bloomed in December. I have become an orchid hoarder, I'm afraid.

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