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Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh, How I LOVE Pink!

Pink and green are one of my favorite color combinations, so when I see pink flowers my heart skips a little beat. This double pink Knock-out rose is a fabulous bloomer.

Not only do they bloom well and sport blooms 12 months out of the year...their foliage is also disease resistant in Florida...and that's not an easy achievement in our heat and humidity. You're probably thinking that the Knock-out rose folks are paying me to praise their roses...but that's not so. I'm just a girl who loves roses (and pink ones at that) and these carefree beauties make it easy for me to fill my front cottagey garden with lots of rose blossoms with minimum care and without the need to battle diseases with toxic chemicals.

Aside from the Knock-out roses the only other ones in my garden are the carefree modern shrub or vintage varieties...again because they require minimum care and no chemical sprays. Belinda's Dream is definitely a dream rose. Looks at her large soft pink blossoms...who can resist such a beauty. Right beneath her grows a baby blue native petunia. Two beauties that paint a pretty pastel picture in the garden.


FlowerLady said...

What pretty roses and the native blue petunia goes sweetly too. I've not seen that anywhere that I can remember.

That's what is so neat about visiting online gardens, you see and learn about new things.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Sandy said...

Susan, you sold me, I'm looking for A Knock out Rose to put on my deck.. your so right about how the Florida weather hurts rose bushes.. I have 5 that are not happy!
Love the pink also!

Ami said...

ooh, those double knockouts are beautiful. It is the time I go to get one myself! :)

Pink is a nice color combined with green, I also find my own garden has lots of pinks in different shade right now.

Love love that mental bird structure in front of the pink knock-out rose!

Susan said...

Hi Flowerlady...They are two very pretty soft colors. The native petunia grows wild in my area and I dug some up and transplanted it into my garden.

Hi Sandy...Knock-outs are definitely the way to go. They bloom all year long...but spring and fall are their heaviest times. I'll shape them up again slightly in August and they'll bloom beautifully again in the autumn.

Hi Ami...Yes, treat yourself to one or two or three. :)

NanaK said...

That double-pink rose is gorgeous. I love that it is such a prolific bloomer. I have a little of that native petunia in deep shade in my garden, does yours do well in the sun?

daisy said...

Wow! That's a lot of color! Enjoy your lovelies!

africanaussie said...

I wish I had the room for one of those rose bushes. I remember when I lived in Florida I had one and they really do well in that climate. If you like pink and green you should check out my GBBD post. I had a green frog taking a rest on my sexy pink lady heleconia.

Darla said...

And the double knockouts are the best too! Praise on sister!!

Laura R. said...

Love the native petunia with the pink rose! I have one of those native petunias..got it at a master gardening talk for free. How would you propagate that? I would love to have more in my gardens.

Susan said...

Hi Kay...My petunias are all in full sun. They grow wild in the surrounding areas around my home but they get much larger in my yard because they get watered. They are great little plants.

Daisy...It's hard not to enjoy pretty roses....especially pink ones.

Hi African Aussie...Oh, I must check out that post...sounds quite interesting!

Hi Darla...Indeed they are!

Hi Laura...I have discovered that the petunias pop up here and there all on their own. So keep your eyes open..I'm sure you'll find some more popping up in your garden.

NellJean said...

Pink KO and Belinda's Dream -- two of my favorites!

Floridagirl said...

Ooh, beautiful roses! I love pink too!

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