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Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Comes in all Colors

In my garden Spring is all about flowers...in all colors!

Predominantly my frontyard is composed of three main colors: purple, yellow and orangey-red.

But, an occasional pink flower and definitely some white flowers can be found.

These colors were chosen because of their boldness. You see I have a pretty large frontyard and if the colors weren't bold they'd be barely noticeable from the street.

Purple...orange...yellow - such an eye-pleasing combo to me!

The local garden club in our area surprised me with this. It was very sweet of them to bestow this honor on my hardworking garden. I do the planting and weeding...but the plants create all the beauty!

I've never seen a group of the green grasshoppers...Lubbers, yes. They look like little plastic soldiers all perched on these liriope leaves.

And, this butter yellow dragonfly adds a little more sunshine to the garden.

But what about this fella...brown is not my favorite color in the garden but he is part of the habitat. He is a brown water snake and not a water mocassin...don't you think?


Darla said...

You gardens are so worthy of that award!! The snake caught me off guard, I loathe them. Try to leave the helpful ones alone........

Deborah said...

Beautiful pictures. As far as the snake goes, we take the live-and-let-live attitude, even if we're sure they're poisonous.

Dave@Gardeningonadime said...

It must be a visual treat to drive past your front yard. Congrats on the award and for staying humble. Also, purple, yellow and orange DO make a nice color combo. I'm going to have to borrow that idea, if you don't mind. Thanks!

Dawn said...

Second photo in looks like Texas Sage with Milkweed and then (?) Basil? Nice combo Susan! I might have to copy it. LOL.

Rick Brown said...

Triangular head and swollen body makes me think it is a cottonmouth.

Your garden is beautiful.

I couldn't find an ID on the green grasshopper juveniles.

Floridagirl said...

Wow, what a beautiful and colorful front garden you have. My best views are definitely in the back, which means our garden club won't be bestowing PITV with such a prize any time soon. But congratulations to you! That is quite an honor. Love all your gaillardias!

NanaK said...

You certainly do have ALL colors in your spring garden! I love it. Congrats on your neighborhood award. It's nice that you received some recognition for all that hard work creating such beauty.

Ami said...

Susan: You and your garden absolutely deserve that award! Congratulations! Your front garden is so colorful, and it is treat for all your neighbours. I saw so many familiar plants that I also have in my garden, and they are such great performers!

NellJean said...

Looks great down your way.

Darkest purple, palest yellow, chartreuse and all shades of orange -- I borrowed that notion from Valerie Easton. It works for her. It works for you. It makes me very happy. All pinks go somewhere else,.easy decisions.

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