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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shades of Autumn

The shades of autumn are like poetry without words . . . the colors, so rich and vibrant, don't need words to describe their beauty. They are earth tones . . . the colors that resonate most deeply with me.

This peachy-pink cluster of Drift roses is pretty enough for a wedding bouquet. You can almost feel their softness on your fingertips. And, yes, they do give off a sweet citrusy scent.

My poor orchids which I sadly neglected all summer . . . have blessed me with a stunning spray of the most vibrant autumn colors. I've moved this orchid on to the patio so I can enjoy its beautiful blooms.

A new plant to my garden...this copperleaf plant is a real beauty. The larger it grows, the more I like the green and russet combination . . . each leaf a slightly different color variation.

A ray of sunshine . . . these Hawaiian Sunset hibiscus are in full swing in the autumn garden.

The hummers are taking full advantage of this Florida-friendly Firespike in my wildlife garden.

Even the hydrangea are joining in as their pink flowers faded to green and now begin to turn a pretty shade of pink blush that will eventually dry into a natural attractive brown. Hydrangeas are a fascinating plant that adds a different kind of dimension to the garden with it's attractive leaf shape, it's large clusters of ball-shaped flowers and lastly, the ever-changing colors of its flowers. While hydrangeas are finicky and definitely not the easiest plant to grow in Florida . . . it definitely is worth trying again and again until you finally find a spot it is happy with in the garden.

And some of the shades of autumn in my garden come in jewel tones that are brilliant and glowing. This Mexican bush sage with its vibrant, deep color makes all other purple flowering plants pale in comparison. The poor little vincas which looked great all summer must take a back seat to this autumn bloomer.

Paired with the sage...the kaleidoscope Abelia shines brightly in the garden. These two work well together making each other appear more vibrant together than they do alone. It's an eye-catching combo that catches my eye every time I look out the window. I must try to root this plant.

For a totally different look...the sage exudes a deeper purple color when it's next to the soft white colors of flax lily. These two create a very calming affect for me.

How happy I am that autumn has arrived, and . . .  like other Florida gardeners I look forward to spending more time outdoors enjoying the garden. 


Ami said...

Susan: All those autumn colors are so stunning in your garden! I can not leave my eyes away from that Drift roses, what a pretty color, and it has scent! I must find that one! :) I don't see many Floridian trying Hydrangeas, and you seem have found the perfect spot for it. hmm, I should try that also. Love the color contrast in the last two pictures, just beautiful! I have been tuckling lots of cool season annuals into my garden. Isn't wonderful that we can work outside again without feeling the excessive heat and humidity? Happy Gardening!

Ami said...

Forgot to mention that I really love that swan container in the last picture! :)

Leslie said...

Yay, a new post! It's so much fun getting a peek into your garden--so inspiring. Now I'll have to find some Drift roses and try my hand at orchids. . . .

I always enjoy seeing the color combinations you come up with. The vinca-sage-abelia combo is really nice, and I really like what you've paired with your hydrangea.

Oh, and that Hawaiian Sunset hibiscus is just too pretty. It makes me think of orange sherbet or some delicious tropical drink.

Susan said...

Hi Ami....That Drift rose is a real beauty. I have plants in four different colors and they're all performing very well. Not sure how hydrangeas would do that far south but you can give it a try if you have a nice shady spot. They need lots of water until they are established.

Hi Leslie...Now that I'm getting back into the garden I feel like blogging again. Putting together combinations in the garden is one of the things I enjoy the most. It's fun to play around with it...and sometimes you get lucky. I have Mother Nature put together some really pretty combos...that's how I discovered that purple and orange look sooooo pretty together. Thanks for stopping by.

africanaussie said...

Oh Susan - that mexican bush sage is stunning - in fact your whole garden is looking lovely. I have a hydrangea that has been battling all dry season, and is coming into its own now - I think it does like lots of water.

ChrisC said...

Your garden is stunning! I love the colors of Autumn,too.And the weather is the best!

daisy said...

Those hibiscus are amazing! And the contrast between the flax lily and the Mexican sage is wonderful!

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