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Monday, April 25, 2016

Odd Couples in the Garden

As I sat on the back porch one morning, a familiar loud bird call caught my attention. I searched the trees in anticipation of a chance to see a magnificent prehistoric looking bird. Aww, there he was! Clinging to the side of an old dead tree snag in the vacant lot next to me. I never tire of seeing a Pileated Woodpecker.

He was busy chopping away at the tree bark with that large beak of his. Big chips of wood were flying through the air left and right as he worked to find a few tasty bugs.

 I saw another bird swoop in and was surprised to see that it was a Red-bellied woodpecker and not his mate. How cool it is to capture this odd couple in a photo together. 

The next 'odd couple' I discovered in the garden is REALLY odd! I moved my blue bottles (my version of a Southern blue bottle tree) to a new location right outside the breakfast nook window. 

Soon after relocating them, I would look out the window and see this dark brown lizard sitting on top of the bottle. The bottles catch my eye when I walk between the nook and kitchen, and sure enough, every time I walk by, this little guy is sunning himself. After a while it got to be hilarious! He even refused to leave when I went outside and took a photo of him. I guess he's taken a fancy to this pretty blue bottle and has claimed it as his own.

Wildlife in the garden can be very entertaining except for the two black Racer snakes that I saw chasing each other. I hope they're not planning on making a nest in my garden!!! 


cennis said...

I see the same with our woodpeckers. The red-bellies just seem to be able to get along with everybody, and specifically we see ours a lot of the time hanging out with a smaller pileated.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Great photos of the woodpeckers and the lizard on the blue bottle.

Happy gardening dear Susan ~ FlowerLady

Janice Taylor said...

Pileated Woodpeckers are so grand looking, and I love your photo of him and his 'cousin'. You're so right Susan, there's a lot of entertaining wildlife in our gardens just waiting to put on a show for us...free. And before I forget, that's a lovely begonia and goes so well with your blue bottles. Janice

Hildegard said...


Linda said...

Sweet. :) And your photos are gorgeous.

Lynn McIntosh said...

Oh, you've captured wonderful shots of your woodpeckers! I love them and their crazy calls. I usually hear the Pileated, but rarely see him. And I'm sure your little lizard is loving the warmth of the bottle heated up by the sun - so cute!

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