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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Two Beauties!

My daughter took this stunning photo, and it's so beautiful that I just had to post it. 

This beautiful red Cardinal is sitting on a branch of our neighbor's beautiful Chickasaw Plum in full bloom last month. We are so lucky to be able to see this large tree from our patio. For the last two springs, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the blooms, one by one, cover the entire tree creating one gorgeous blooming piece of art!

So glad she happened to look up at the right time and had her camera in hand!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, that is a fantastic shot and how wonderful you get to see this tree bloom every spring.

Happy Gardening dear Susan ~ FlowerLady

peggy gatto said...

Yes, beautiful!

Janice Taylor said...

Beautiful photo...that tree is magnificent! _Janice

Leslie Kimel said...

What a wonderful picture. The flowers really look like snow, and the cardinal is such a gorgeous red. Kudos to your daughter!

Lynn McIntosh said...

Oh, that's gorgeous! You're so lucky to have such a beautiful view and she had great timing with the photo! We had a big crab-apple tree when I was a kid in Wisconsin, with tons of pink blossoms. I so agree when you say the tree is a work of art! :)

daisy gurl said...

Amazing color contrast!

Anonymous said...

A budding photographer perhaps? Kudos to your daughter for such a beautiful shot. Maybe she can get one of the fruit in a few months (consider that a special request). :-)

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