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Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Orchids

My last two gardens had ideal growing conditions for orchids. A high canopy of tree cover with dense shade beneath it. The orchids LOVED it! I do not have that same kind of environment in my new garden. The two large oaks that I have are limbed up quite high and too much sunlight filters down beneath them. But, in spite of these conditions my orchids (which I move around seasonally to avoid too much sun) are happily providing me with lots of winter and spring blossoms. 

This Nun's Orchid is a real beauty and has been blooming for several weeks now.

This gorgeous orchid was gifted to me by Nancy - a previous neighbor with a mega green thumb. It's a wonderfully heavy bloomer in spite of any neglect on my part. 

A handful of phaleonopsis bloomers are inside my home where I can enjoy them, and the rest are given a prominent spot on the patio where I can also gaze at them from the inside.

Here are the orchids I'm currently enjoying!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

They are all beautiful! I've been thinking of Nun's orchids for quite some time now.

I was wondering about how much sun orchids could handle and you more or less answered in this post. I do have reed orchids and a spreading Vanda that do fantastic in the sun all over with little care at all from me. The others are more or less in partial shade and doing well. Some blooms and some budding. :-)

Happy Spring dear Susan. I've not found a box large enough for that palm carving you were interested in. I don't know how much shipping would be either.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Janice Taylor said...

Susan, I think they're all just lovely. So nice to have them all blooming at one time, and what a nice collection! _Janice

Leslie Kimel said...

What a great collection! And I love the orchids with the pink flamingo! Is your nun's orchid planted in the ground or in a pot? My mom just bought one and she is trying it in the ground (in Tallahassee); I hope it makes it through the winter because it looks so pretty now among the ferns and other flowers.

Susan said...

Hi Lorraine, Janice and Leslie - Thank you for visiting my blog. A lot of my orchids bloom in winter and spring. I really do enjoy seeing their blooms. The Nun's orchid is in a pot Leslie. I do bring it in when temps get in the 40's. I had a neighbor in Lakeland who had them planted in the ground and they made it thru some temps in the 30's. Enjoy this beautiful spring weather.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! I miss my orchids . . . so much so that I started another collection (4 and counting!), :-) All blooms are amazing . . . but a winter blooming orchid is such a gift.

Linda said...

Really beautiful!

Lynn McIntosh said...

Hi Susan! Absolutely lovely orchids! I especially love the cascading purple one. You're lucky to have so many blooming at once!

Sarah said...

I have just one orchid. It was a gift about two years ago. I had figured that I would enjoy it, think of it as a cut flower, then toss it once it died. My gardening strengths lie more with veggies and perennials. I have been so happy to see it repeatedly bloom! It likes my kitchen window sill, so I plan to just let it love there. You seem to have a real gift with them- they have such pretty blooms!

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