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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Visit to Nancy's Garden

Last weekend a few of us made a visit to Nancy's garden in Lakeland. Nancy has a BEAUTIFUL garden. She is very creative and gifted when it comes to gardening, and everyone who sees her garden is truly amazed.

As you can see, she loves bromeliads.

But I noticed that her bromeliad varieties are getting larger. Look at that specimen of a bromeliad in the background.

She likes other kinds of plants, too.

She has a cute potting bench . . .

and, a greenhouse. 
I have total green house envy!

She has lots of clever ideas for displaying plants.

A bromeliad on top of a cut off palm tree trunk looks like a work of art.

Clever container ideas, too (notice the little stool it's sitting on).

Lots of brick pathways meander through the garden beds.

She also loves begonias and grows many varieties.

I'm in love with the vibrant fuschia-colored stems on this alocasia.

Instead of creating a bromeliad tree on a tree branch, she made one on a living palm. How cool is that?

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Nancy's garden. Listed below are the previous posts I've done on her garden in the past. 

 Nancy's Garden (2008)
Afternoon Tea ((2011)

By the way, I think I should tell you that Nancy's been gardening on this piece of land for 21 years. 


Jean Campbell said...

It is a beautiful garden, yes. I am inspired to finally move my bromeliads outside once the cool wind that is blowing now stops.

You do need to make room for a greenhouse.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a beautiful tropical garden! It must be truly a joy to walk around in the midst of all of this beauty.

Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

P.S. I was hoping she would have a blog, but I guess not.

Lynn McIntosh said...

Oh, what a very charming garden! Thank you for sharing it - I've gotten several new ideas for display and can't wait to try them out. And I have greenhouse envy too, lol!

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